Portfolio Exam DAkota schmehil

My name is Dakota Schmehil. My experience during art was pretty bad at the beginning of the year, I felt that I was bad at art. Turns out I'm not that terrible. My goals are to keep drawing and start getting into design and other things. I think that he class was pretty good, I have no complaints. I learned a lot of vocab and how to draw decently good.

I drew both of these upside down. I used the spacing to make it look like he is a person instead of being molded to the chair.
I used my negative and positive spacing to make it look good. I used a lot of values to make it look like it is 3-d.
These are my before and after hand drawings. After awhile in this class I learned to draw and hand better than I did. I learned to shade it and make it look good.
My profile I did was of Ethan Brown. I think that it does look like him besides me making it a dark value.
For stippling the more compact the dots the darker the image.
I focused on shading and space to make it look like the things were popping out. I feel the value of the piece was really good. I think they look well done.
For scratch boards, the more scratches the liger the area.
The vanishing lines are off the screen. You can't see them, but you can see where the drawing fades out.
For my first self portrait I looked like an alien. The second one I actually looked like myself.
For the ribbon drawing mine looks bad because I didn't know how to shade it so I left it the way it was.

This is my portfolio. As you can see my drawings improved tremendously through out this half year. It is crazy to think that I used to be bad at art. I improved most on my drawings and how the value is.

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