NBMS GT Newsletter winter edition

FYI- NBMS GT Mid-Year Evaluations went home on Friday, January 12; If your student hasn't shared, please ask them for it and let us know if you have any concerns or questions.
7th Grade GT w/ Mr. Lavergne: Our GT photography project is about taking pictures of Texas agriculture, nature, society, buildings, etc. We’re working with iPads, phones, and regular cameras to take descriptive pictures within certain categories. We are required to learn how to operate a camera and learn the different effects, styles, and filters we can use on the photo. While we are taking our photos, we also learn a little bit of the history of Texas, considering our GT instructor is a history teacher. 7th GT w/ Mrs. Nichols: We are using Defined Stem to develop a Bakery/Sandwich/Coffee Shop Business AND 3-D Printer for Animal Prosthetics. So cool! (Caption & Photos submitted by Kalyn Unruh & Emma Fain, 7th GT Students)

This year we will not be able to use GT funds for student's lunch at the GT Showcase on April 25. If you are able to make a donation to help with drinks, dessert, and/or towards the cost of the Jason's Deli sandwich boxes it would be greatly appreciated. We anticipate feeding 110 students for around $9/student. Donation forms will be sent home with students shortly. Cash and/or checks (made out to NBMS & Memo to GT) can be attached to forms and delivered to advisory teachers by March 2. We will let you know individual student lunch costs after any donations have been received. Thanks for any help you are able to provide!

8th grade recently completed an activity on constellations! They drew 5-7 random dots and learned about some well know constellations. Then students had to make their dots into a constellation of their own and come up with a story that went along with their constellation. We have also started working on our showcase projects! We have selected our careers and projects are in progress!

We are wanting our GT students to represent & stand out at the showcase, so we are designing and ordering t-shirts. Please look for information to be sent home by Friday, February 16. We are hoping to keep prices around $7-$8. Thanks!

6th graders are busying learning to become entrepreneurs by designing products in order to present them to potential investors. Think Shark Tank for middle schoolers! Oak Run students and you parents will have the opportunity to "purchase" their products at the showcase. They are working hard and many have $$$ signs in their eyes. May their ingenuity make them rich and famous! (Pictured are Maverick M., Brody M. and Zachary M.)

NBMS/ORMS GT Showcase is scheduled for Wednesday, April 25, 2018. GT students from both campuses will spend the day sharing their hard work and displaying projects for their peers to critique. They will enjoy a meal together and begin building GT friendships. Parents are invited to join us from 2:00-3:30 at NBMS to view and enjoy the student projects. We look forward to seeing everyone there!

All clipart from Google Images and photos provided by Kacy Zaleski and Kalyn Unruh.

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