Divide Us By The Interrupters

Say It Out Loud

2016 | Punk

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"Sufferation, intimidation, brainwashing the new generation. -- They use violence, they are tyrants, they make laws and they expect silence. -- But not us, we got the beat, and when the guns smoke they feel the heat. -- So take action, they're not at your front door, listen up one, two, three, four!"


  • The album hit #7 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart, #25 on the Billboard Independent albums chart, #38 on the Billboard Top Rock Albums chart & #22 on the Billboard Vinyl Albums chart.
  • The album was produced by Rancid guitarist & vocalist Tim Armstrong
  • The band played on the entire Vans Warped Tour during the summer of 2016 in support of the album.


Luke Tatum

Nothing brightens my libertarian outlook like The Interrupters. It's a simple switch in my brain, I suppose. They clearly know how to have fun, and it's contagious. Somehow, they always manage to make something as dark and depressing as the ever-increasing and oppressive state, and turn it into a catchy jam that makes the various projects I have going a lot more fun. So, let's take this one apart a bit, shall we? The mood-boosting effect can be traced--at least in part--to the simple chorus. When you want this to be a chant, simplicity is a great songwriting move. That's as much as half of Iron Maiden's success, after all! Beyond the chorus, we have a couple of verses summing up the awful state of affairs, but ending on a high note. "Take action," they say. So, hop to it! Let's spread some liberty.

Sherry Voluntary

Ska is a lot of fun. Even with a heavy subject matter it’s still upbeat. This song in particular riffs on The State and it’s dirty tricks and how it aims to divide us, but in fact the tactics they use will multiply those who stand in opposition. All I can say is that I hope this united front gains momentum and numbers before The State is so powerful that all of the options currently open to us are gone. The best thing we can do to help this happen, is be principled, unapologetic libertarians. We can concentrate on winning the hearts and minds of people by saying what needs to be said with compassion and boldness. This is what will bring the numbers that we need in order to nullify State power in a peaceful way.

Nicky P

The song sounds decidedly unearnest given the state of American politics since the 2016 election. It seems as though the American people thought she was telling them to ignore every word out of her mouth and give into the agenda conspiring to keep them apart. Maybe I’m young & naive but the animosity between the different groups within society feels like something new. It seems like it’s set in frighteningly easy. Have people been waiting for excuses not to get along this entire time?

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Nicky P

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