Applying tools and measures to support personalised care Kings fund 27/04/17 #personalisedcare

National support for personalised care opened up the conference and why supporting self care and focusing on empowering people to shape and manage their own health is so important. The Patient Activation Measure (PAM) was discussed by NHS England and more information can be found by clicking below

Dr Sarah Chew then presented the validity of the tool and guidance around the tools use a presentation from the kings fund expanding on this is linked below

The concept of developing clinical engagement in the importance of activation was then brought to the audience from the perspective of patient experts and clinicians themselves, exploring how GP practices had been supported to deliver personalised care using coaching techniques. The use of PAM in how to segment patient groups helped support GPs tailor care to individual patients, ensuring that they worked with patients to make best use of resources available in the system

Market place posters in lunch break

In the afternoon session work from the HOME Group was presented as to how they are using the PAM across England with their supported housing customers. The goal behind this is to drive conversations about lifestyles, signpost to the appropriate health or community services as well as supporting prevention in the longer term.

The closing of the conference focused on what was next for patient activation and what questions needed to be asked of the organisations in which we (the audience) work or as expert patients how can we influence our local health and social care organisations to shift towards patient activation: some thoughts to consider....

How can we engage patients, families, carers, and clinicians in personalised care?

What does success look like?

What is the potential impact for patients, clinicians and the health and care system?

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