The World According To Ethan S


I think globalization is making the world stronger. One reason why I think globalization is making the world stronger is because people in poor countries are getting jobs. In poor countries like Vietnam people do not have a lot of money so, companies make their factories in Vietnam because the people will work with less money. Another reason is that it's making cheaper goods. It's making cheaper goods because they are paying less to make it. Globalization is making the world better and people should focus on it more.

I think people should climb mt Everest. One reason why people should climb mt Everest is because of the challenge. Mt Everest is the tallest mountain in the world and it is one of most challenging. If you reach the summit of mt Everest you will be known for it. Another reason you should climb mt Everest is for the view. Since mt Everest is the tallest mountain in the world the view is amazing. You can see all the mountains in the Himalayas and look down at the clouds. Even though mt Everest is dangerous it is an amazing adventure.

A oil drill.

A valuable resource can affect a region in good ways. One way is that they get a lot of money so they can provide for the public. The government gets more money so they can spend it on medicine. The life expectancy has gone up and infant mortality rates have gone down in countries with lots of oil. Another way is that they get a lot of money so they can make things better. This is good because they can now make their military stronger and can have lots of money for their people. If countries have oil it can make them very wealthy. If they get wealthy it means they can provide for their people.

This is an Oasis that people have populated.

People adapt to a desert region by living near an oasis. A way people adapt is using the date palms. The date palms are good for lots of things. The fruit can be eaten fresh or dry. The wood and leaves can be used to build. The fiber can be used for rope and the dates seeds can be used for fuel or to feed animals. Another way people adapt is the water in the oasis. The water is good to drink so the people stay hydrated during the drought months. The water is also good for attracting animals for people to catch. he date palms and the water are some of the most impressive extant things in an oasis. Without those things people wouldn't go to the oasis.

Within nations there are centrifugal forces that divide supranational cooperation. One centrifugal force is that countries want to make their own decisions like foreign affairs but in a Supranational cooperation you don't get to make your own decisions. This is bad because if another country gets in a war that's part of the same supranational cooperation of another country and that country doesn't want to get in a war they have to. Another centrifugal force is that different countries speak different languages. This is bad because when all the countries speak different languages and they make laws they have to translate that law into different languages. Those are just two centrifugal forces that divide supranational cooperation.

In America citizens have both rights and responsibilities. A good citizen follows the responsibilities and understands and uses their rights appropriately. One right is to vote in local and national elections. It is equally important to vote for a mayor or governor as it is to vote for the president. A responsibility of a citizen is to pay taxes on income,property, and town. Paying those taxes help with funding schools, paving roads and larger institutions like libraries and veteran hospitals and a good citizen pays those taxes on time. Freedom of religion is another right citizens have. Catholics, Muslims, Buddhists, atheists, and Christian have the right to obey practice their beliefs or not. Responsible citizens have a duty to obey laws such as following the speed limit and not committing crimes and good will al,oust never speed and not committing crimes. A good citizen takes advantage of their rights while respecting their responsibilities.

The best government is representative democracy. The first reason is that citizens have the right to vote for representatives to make laws. This is good because there will be leaders to make different laws. An example of this is the USA where they elect new leaders every four years. Another reason representative democracy is the most effective is that the government is limited. This is good because the government can't do whatever they want. In the USA the government has branches that laws have to pass through. If people live in countries with representative democracy then they are in good hands because representative is the most effective style of government.


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