Barrington 220 Science Field Studies

Purpose of Field Study in Science

By utilizing our community's natural resources and partnering with community groups, students apply what they learn in science to the outdoor world. Students observe and interact with real situations in our natural world, connecting to what they learn in the classroom. Students collect evidence (data and/or observations) from the real world to support their ideas and claims about science, which promotes a deeper conceptual understanding of science and an appreciation for the environment.

Kindergarten: Crabtree Nature Center

Our kindergarten students begin our field studies as young scientists observing the natural world. At Crabtree Nature Center students look for evidence of ways animals and plants change their environment to meet their basic needs.

First Grade: Stillman Nature Center

First graders visit Stillman Nature Center to look closely at the unique structures, functions, and behaviors of organisms that enable them to survive in their habitats. Students observe diverse organisms in both the prairie and woodland habitats at Stillman.

Second Grade: Grigsby Prairie Walk

Second graders visit Grigsby Prairie to investigate ways animals and plants depend on one another. During their walk through the prairie, children look for evidence of seed dispersal and pollination. They revisit the concepts of structure, function, and behavior experienced in first grade, as they closely observe the unique structures of seeds and pollinators.

Third Grade: Smart Farm and Mindful Waste

Third graders explore the concepts of interdependency and life cycles in depth. The staff from Smart Farm and Mindful Waste provide a plethora of hands-on and minds-on experiences from composting to aquaponics to harvesting. Children actively engage in finding worm cocoons and separating castings and compost. Students harvest produce and learn about the benefits of group behavior as they observe an active bee hive. Concepts taught in both Science and Social-Global Studies are reinforced through this interactive field experience.

Fourth Grade: Prairie Preservation with Citizens for Conservation

Our fourth graders visit one of three local prairies to investigate the unique characteristics and structures that enable plants and animals to survive. They gain first-hand experience by taking on the role of environmental stewards through seed collection. The seeds our fourth graders collect are used in prairie preservation projects throughout the Barrington community and beyond.

Fifth Grade: Camp Timberlee

Our fifth grade students capstone their elementary years with a three-day, two night trip to Camp Timberlee in Wisconsin. During this trip, students continue their science field studies through various activities including Animal Encounters, Pond Studies, and Astronomy.

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