Places 2 Submission by niamh mcinally

As part of the Places 2 brief, I have created an Adobe Spark presentation, which is a 500-word evaluation recognising the strengths and weaknesses of the work I have produced for this block.

Group Shots

Group Shot #1

Strengths: This is my favourite group shot that I captured during this assignment. I really like this image because of the composition of the photo and also the subtle shadows, highlights and catch-light in each subject’s face and eyes, which was created using the built-in pop-up flash on my camera.

Weaknesses: I think the angle that I took this image from could have been much better as I dislike the distracting big gap between the three subjects and the sign in the background.

Group Shot #2

Strengths: I like the composition and cheery atmosphere of this group shot.

Weaknesses: I dislike the background to this group shot because it is far too bright and boring. If I was to take this exact image again, I would position the three women in front of the rugby stadium, so that the sky wasn’t so distracting and that the exposure was perfectly balanced.

Group Shot #3

Strengths: I like the composition and pose of each subject in this image. I also really like the colours of the background in this photo.

Weaknesses: Although I quite like the background of this group shot, I do think that it does look unrealistic as it is very flat compared to each subject. I also dislike the colours in this image because it makes the photo appear dull.

Continuous Light

Continuous Light on Argyle Street

Strengths: I think that I have successfully created a continuous light image as you can clearly see the various light trails that have came from the bottom left-hand corner. I really like the vibrant colours that have been created from the traffic and the traffic lights.

Weaknesses: I think that I should have used the BULB setting instead of a 30 second exposure because I would have picked up much more colourful vibrant light trails that wouldn’t have stopped so sharply like they have in this image.

Painting with Light

Painting with Light (vintage film camera)

Strengths: I really like the moody and mysterious atmosphere that the lighting has created on the camera in this image. I also like the sharp shadows and contrast in this image, which also adds to its atmosphere.

Weaknesses: I think this image isn’t as creative as I could have made it and I think that it may be a little bit too dull for some people to view, as shadows take up the majority of this image.

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