Presentation Technologies in social work education


"Use a flipchart to highlight the organization of your presentation, to emphasize its main points, and to stimulate students' interest" (Davis, p. 433).

Chalkboards and Whiteboards

"Use the board to provide visual reinforcement, to highlight the organization of your presentation, and to emphasize your main points" (Davis, p.436).

Interactive Whiteboards

Overhead Projection

  • Overhead transparency projectors
  • Digital document camera projectors
  • LCD and DLP projectors

next... a real-time demonstration of using Adobe Spark for slide shows, video recordings, clips, etc... (Post, Page, Video)

For those who missed the real-time presentation, here are some demos for creating posts, pages, and videos. The first video is an overview, followed by separate demos for post, page, and video. The last video is me talking about using these tools with assignments in social work education.


Created with images by cambodia4kidsorg - "Day 1 Flip Chart and Walls" • Librarian Avenger - "Moose wall grows"

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