Reform movements Ken roland, AND JORDAN MASON P.4

Foundations of Reform

Reform movements were movements to basically fix a problem in their country. Also to obtain something they think that all should have. And if they're are kept away from them then that was considered unconstitutional. When people want to reform something they create these movements which then becomes a reform movement.


Abolishnist are people who believed that the Decloration of Independence applies to any and everyone. They wanted to abolish slavery because the D.O.C stated that all men/people has life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Later on the north and south agreed on different terms. North wanted freedom for all and the south wanted to keep their slaves to make their crops and money.

Women's Rights

Women wanted equality and true suffrage for everyone. They also wanted to have the ability to take office and have a say in politics and speak their mind. So women around the Country started a rally and protested. They continued to to do this until 1920 till they gained they're ability to vote. After men started to notice their intelligence and the contributions to American politics they started to gain more rights. Until equality between men and women was truly stated.

Prison reforms

Prisons have low quality well everything. The cells are dirty and the food is bad. People who have family in prison think that their family members should be treated better. Instead of the bad treatment they want more education time instead of incarceration. People march around showing signs about too many prisoners and not enough prisons. Too much space is being taken to be comfortable for prisoners.

Education Reform

Education reforms are movements to increase children education. When a student fails they want them to be able to kick back again. These reforms are meant to keep students motivated instead of them dropping out and quitting. This movement is so that these students can be a successful person in the real world.

Temperance Reform

The temperance reform is meant to get rid of alcohol. The quote in this picture says "This is the road to death". This movement is meant for the people who drink and drive, get drunk in public, or drown themselves in drinking. The word this movement is trying to get put is that drinking doesn't take care of your problems. Also drinking alcohol can be dangerous not only for the drinker but the people around him/her.


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