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Governor's Scholars Program (GSP) Information: Juniors applying to GSP 2021. This is a reminder that the GSP Applications are due on November 6th. There will be a portal opened on November 6th in the GSP classroom. Students will submit the application in a Google Document to the portal on that day (It must go into that portal on that day). Applications will not be accepted late. Due to the restrictions and students not returning to the building, no hard copies are to be submitted. Everything submitted will be electronic. All community recommendations and teacher recommendations should be received by November 6th, also. No recommendations should be submitted by the student. All recommendations should be emailed directly to michelle.leslie@jefferson.kyschools.us

Governor's School for the Arts

Join the Class of 2021 Senior Steering Committee Google Classroom for Announcements of Senior Events! Google Classroom Code: ztx632b

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JCPS BackPack of Success Skills

Ten Strategies for Better Time Management

1. Know How You Spend Your Time. Keeping a time log is a helpful way to determine how you are using your time.

2. Set Priorities. Categorize your activities into four quadrants in the Time Management Matrix.

3. Use a Planning Tool. Write down your tasks, schedules, and memory joggers – the key is to find one planning tool that works for your and use the tool consistently.

4. Get Organized. Implement a system that allows you to handle information only once.

5. Schedule Your Time Appropriately. Scheduling is not just recording what you have to do, it is also making a time commitment to the things you want to do.

6. Delegate: Get Help from Others. Delegation begins by identifying tasks that others can do and then selecting the appropriate person(s) to do them.

7. Stop Procrastinating. You may be putting off tasks for a variety of reasons. Try breaking down the task into smaller segments that require less time commitment and result in specific, realistic deadlines.

8. Manage External Time Wasters. Your time may be impacted by external factors (telephone, unexpected visitors, meetings, mail/email, family obligations) – you can decrease or eliminate time spend in these activities by implementing a set time to return calls, establish time for visitors, use a timed agenda, handle each item only once, establish a master calendar for family members).

9. Avoid Multi-tasking. Psychological studies have shown that multi-tasking does not actually save time. IN fact, the opposite is often true. You lose time when switching from one task to another, resulting in a loss of productivity (Rubinsteim, Meyer, & Evans, 2001) Routine multitasking may lead to difficulty in concentrating and maintaining focus when needed.

10. Stay Healthy. Learn to manage time according to your biological clock by scheduling priority tasks during your peak time of day, the time your energy level and concentration are at their best.

Tutoring/Homework Resources

College/Career Resources

duPont Manual's Virtual College/Career Room

Scholarship Newsletter N. 7

Scholarship Newsletter N. 8

Reminder for Seniors - Make sure you have sent your questionnaire and invited your counselor and teacher to the college portal (Common App, Coalition, etc.) at least 10-days prior to your first deadline, so they can see the college deadline on their portal. Remember that the November 15 and December 1 deadlines are coming up soon - please invite counselor/teacher.

FAFSA Website (Opened October 1)  - duPont Manual's KHEAA Outreach Counselor (If you need help with FAFSA) - contact Steven Held -email: sheld@kheaa.com

Governor's School for Entrepreneurs

Resource: Fair Opportunity Project website has information for the following: Thinking About College, Making the Most of HS, Finding the Right College, Standardized Tests, Completing College Apps & Writing Essays.

Evolve 502 Scholarship Opportunity for JCPS Students who want to attend Kentucky Community & Technical College or Simmons College.

University of Louisville's Secondary School Outreach Programs

Mental Health Tips

Our Mental Health Tips on our Website

From Ms. Elise Christensen, duPont Manual's Mental Health Practitioner.

Mental Health Tip: Practice a Beginner’s Mind

Tip: The key to mindful awareness is to look at things with a fresh, childlike perspective, noticing things in the here and now

Tool: Imagine yourself as a young child or think about a young child you know. How do they see the world? Everything is fresh and new, and a source of fascination. Intentionally practice looking at things in your life with a new, fresh and curious perspective. With a beginner’s mind, the world is full of possibilities, not problems.

Coping skill idea: do something you used to love doing as a younger child, maybe swinging, sliding, jumping rope, riding bikes, jumping on trampoline, etc. Try that thing when you’re feeling overwhelmed it will hopefully take you back to simpler times or at least make you laugh!

Upcoming Mental Health Retreat for the Black Community: A Path Forward

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