How to Find the Volume Step-by-Step with Aldo , Brandon, Jaycee

We are going to teach you how to find the volume of most of the prisms you have seen, but first you need to learn the definition of the strategies that you will use!

Volume - the amount of spaces that substance or object occupies, or that is enclosed within a container, especially when great.

Area - The extent or measurement of a surface or a piece of land.

Circumference - The distance around something

Radius - A straight line from the center to the circumference of a circle or a sphere.

Diameter - A straight line passing from side to side through the center of a body or figure, especially a circle or sphere

The Formula to find VOLUME, for a Triangular Prism, is V = Bh or V = bhh. The B stands for Base.The B is capital to warn you that it represents area. To find the answer for the capital B, you find area. The formula to find area is A = 1/2 bh, but only because it is a TRIANGULAR PRISM! Once you do that you simply just multiply the answer you had just obtained by the height of the Prism. Tip: the base of a Triangular Prism is a always triangle! :D

This is a picture of a Common Triangular Prism, try using the strategy on a model like this. Make up numbers for each side then try to solve the equation. V=Bh. The numbers we have are 12mm high, 46mm long and the base is 13mm wide. This is an equilateral Triangle!!!!!!!

The Formula to find Volume, for a Rectangular Prism and a Cube, Is simply just L x W x H or Length x Width x Height. This recipe is only available for these two Prisms. Another formula to find volume on a square is S3 or S Cubed. Tip: A square is a rectangle but a rectangle is never a square! :D

This is an equation that we see everyday, Try solving this on your own. V=LxWxH

The Formula to find Volume, for a Triangular Pyramid, is V =1/3 Bh. To find volume you just find the multiply all of the sides together and then you divide the number by 3 or 1/3 . Be careful because the sides aren't always the same. Tip: A little trick we use is, if it has a point on the shape, then you divide by three! :D

This is an example of a triangular prism, Try solving this on your own.

The Formula to find Volume, for a cone, is V =1/3 Bh. Also known as V =1/3 bhh this formula is not commonly used in our class. You probably already saw it and it was explained, but it is there for reference.

This is a problem involving a cone, please use this chance to practice!!! :D

The Formula to find Volume, for a Cylinder, is V = 3.14 x Radius squared x Height. Whenever we see this, we think of nuclear power plants. How the enormous steam silos get rid of smoke and unneeded air, as well as allowing Carbon Dioxide to escape. Those are in the shape of cylinders.

This is an enormous cylinder, as you bask in it glory try to solve the problem!!!! :D. LOL just kidding it has no glory! But try to solve the equation!

These are the methods we use, but we hope you found this helpful!!!!!

EXTRA: Things you will also need to know to do these problems include knowing how to do Radius, Diameter, The formula for Area, and lots of Practice!!! Good Luck!!!!!! :D

This program was really easy to use, but out of the three people in my group, only two could figure out how this amazing website works! From all of us Thank You for showing us this website. We will definitely use it again!! :D { BTW } Aldo and Brandon were the ones who knew how to use the website, Jaycee did not.

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