App Journal Raúl Quintal

Lesson 1


I downloaded WhatsApp because it was a need since the communication is essential. It meets the need of social communication. WhatsApp helps solve the problem of always talk through calls. Its purpose is to help people communicate through an easy way.


I downloaded Facebook to have the ability to use Facebook from my iPhone or iPad. It meets the need to be socially active. Facebook solves the problem of not being able to be socially available. Its purpose it to promote the publication of thinks you want your friends to know about.


I downloaded Snapchat since many friends had it and I needed to have it too. It meets social necessities like stay connected with your friends. Snapchat helps communicate in a much informal way and helps share what you do. Its purpose is to help you be in touch with your friends and be much more simple and funny while doing it.

Clash Royale

I downloaded Clash Royale because it was a game on demand and it was a the top of the list in the App Store. It meets the need to play and have a good time. The app solves the problem of being a gam that is free to play and easy to get to understand. Clash Royale's purpose is to make people enjoy playing their 1vs1 game and pass a good time.

Lesson 2: Brainstorms

An app that can help you diagnose how much time your battery will last depending on the apps you are using and how you are using your phone.

An app that lets you organize bets and tournaments with your friends in a way everyone can see the table standings and how the tournament or bet is going.

An app that you and your friends can download, and play a variety of games online and have a lot of fun.

An app that lets you have additional storage on your phone.

Lesson 3

Microsoft Word (Business) : Microsoft Word was designed for people who like or need to create documents in which they can write on. People who may download the app would be writers, journalists, critics, students, etc.

Xcode (Developer Tools) : Xcode was designed for people who want to know programing skills. An app developer, a student, or a programing fan are some examples of people that may download this app.

UK Driving Practice Test (Education) : This app was designed for people who want to take on the driving test in the UK. People who are about to take their test may download this app.

Netflix (Entertainment) : Netflix was designed for people who love watching series or movies in their homes. Anyone, literally anyone can download this app.

Sims 2 (Games) : The Sims game was designed for people who love building a games of simulation. Any person who loves simulation games and designing houses would download this game.

Paint (Graphics and Design) : Paint is an app designed to unleash the users imagination. People who like to be creative and love to paint would download this app.

Bitmoji (Utilities) : This app was designed for people that own Snapchat. Bitmoji would be downloaded by a user of Snapchat that would like to have a Bitmoji.

WhatsApp Messenger (Social Networking) : WhatsApp was designed for an audience that includes from teens to adults. This app would be downloaded by people who would like to be communicated with their families and friends.

Facebook (Social Networking) : As most of the social apps, Facebook was designed for fun audience that covers teenagers and adults. People who download Facebook like to be socially connected with their friends and family. With Facebook they can see what they do and what they like.

Facebook Messenger (Social Networking) : Facebook's Messenger was designed for people from teens to adults since it's Facebook's way o having a message delivery. This app would be downloaded mostly by people how already own a Facebook account.

Clash Royale (Games) : This app's audience includes all ages, from kids to adults. People who like online games would download this games first of all since it is in the top of grossing apps in the App Store and second because it is a very competitive and entertaining game.

Lesson 4

WhatsApp is one if not the easiest app to use of all. Its simplicity allows the user to chat with friends and even form groups chats to chat with several friends at the same time.

Facebook is an app that is easy to use, but however it is not a easy as WhatsApp. Facebook's Messenger has way to many menus and different ways of using which make it a very useful app but not as easy to use as WhatsApp.

Snapchat is a very fun app to use, but with each update, it keeps getting more difficult to use, since each time they are adding new things to the app, which only complicates more the use of it.

Clash Royale as most games is very intuitive, but as you progress through the game, it obviously gets more difficult. It is one of the most simple strategy games, but because it is a so simple game, everybody knows how to play it well and everybody becomes a very good player.

Activity Lesson 4

Lesson 5

Problem Hunters (Arcade App) : This app helps solve the problem of always be searching on the App Store for cool online games, instead this app keeps updating every time to provide the user with the best online multiplayer games. This app is designed specially to provide the best multiplayer experience.

Problem Hunters (Storage App) : This app helps solve the never ending problem of the shortage of the mobile devices' memory. This app will provide the user with a limited amount of free memory but will provide a payment system that will give access to unlimited memory.

Lesson 6

App Name : OM Arcade

Problem : Helps set up online games with friends

My app will provide the user with a massive catalogue of games which they will be able to play with their friends because it has always been a bummer to be searching for games you and your friends can play.

App Name : iApp

Problem : Helps people have additional memory to store apps

My app will allow users to have more memory to store their apps in an could storage because mobile devices with a large amount of memory cost a lot of money.

Activity Lyrics

Lesson 7

Camera : The camera has never been used in games as a vision device. For example a shooting game that accesses the users camera and allows the user to play a shooting game with the environment around him as his setting in the game.

Accelerometer and Bluetooth : The accelerometer can be used for a tennis game in which two users connect via Bluetooth. The mobile devices can be used as rackets and the users will play as if they were in a real tennis match.

Touch Screen : Using the touch screen feature to have a calculator in which you literally write something and the calculator solves it for you.

BoogieBot :

Lesson 8

I could incorporate the accelerometer, Bluetooth, camera and touch screen in the OM Arcade app since all of these features can be used on a gaming level.

Lesson 9


  1. DropBox
  2. Google Drive
  3. One Drive

Some improvements for this app is that they can store apps and the top competitors can only store files such as documents and media.

OM Arcade

  1. Glow Hockey
  2. Clash Royale
  3. Respawnables

An advantage of my app is that is has a variety of games and they are all playable online multiplayer and local multiplayer as well as solo.

Lesson 9 Activity

Lesson 10

The principles that will be important for my app would be the clarity, the user interface (UI), and depth. The clarity is vital in an app development so the user experience is simplified by making the text legible. The UI is the most important principle since it is the basis in the app's functionality which will help improve the user's experience at the moment of using the app. Depth will help detail certain elements of the app by using visual layers and motion to show relationships between different elements in the app.

Lesson 11

This icon seems very appealing since it has very vivid colors and the little ghost is something very original which makes the user be curious about the app and want to download it.
The simplicity of Lucky 21 made me engage immediately since it is a very self explanatory game and vey easy to win.

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