Frankesein(Mary Shelley) giacomo guidotti IV D

i choose this boook because teacher gives it for christmas holiday

A seaman , Walton, writes letters to his sister to tell a story accaded during his traver. The letters talk about the story of Frankestein Victor. HE had a goood life before the died of mother, after this he was obsessed by life and he built a monster with died part of some died people. When the creature taked life, victor run away and monster too. Victor had a violent temperature and during this recived the news that his brother William was Killed, he knew thath was the monster but Justine, the housekeeper, was accused and executed. Victor met the montser that tell him his story, monster asked Victor to create a girl crature. He started to do this but befor the finish of work he decided to kill the new monster, and the creature sweared revenge. Monster killed Henry, Victor's fiend, and Victor went in prision, after this he came back home to marry Helizabeth but she was killed too. Victor decided to follow the monster and died afetr the meeting with Capitain Walton, so the monster cried and went away to the north.

My favorite character is the Creture, becuse he search to stay with is "father" like an uman child altought it wasn't. After the end of the book i think about what monster have done and why and i was moved by them. I don't think thath there is a character that i hate.

If I was Frankestein, after the creation of girl Monster, I've never killed she because you can't come back when a you promise to do and finish a thing.

The most interestin part in the book is the story telled by the Creature. The most boring part was the letters at the start of the book. The most confusing part part was the speech when Victor died and the most shocking part was when Elizabeth was Killed.

Story finished with the died of Victor, another anding was the murder of Creature by Frankestein or Crature kill himself because he couldn't stay in a world that don't want he.

In conclusion i recommend this book to people because is a story to reflect about the emancipation of differnt people.

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