Florida Museum of Natural History Kyle Varnes

Nature on Display

An orange, white, and black butterfly perched on a leaf in the exhibit

Personally, I think that the butterfly exhibit was most effective in putting nature on display. To enter the exhibit you must walk through a pair of double doors. Upon immediately entering the exhibit, you are surrounded by trees, brush, and small bodies of water. This exhibit captured my attention because I became fully engulfed in what seemed like a forrest. The dramatic change in scenery from a museum to a forrest makes the exhibit intriguing to the public. It also give the viewers an idea of type of environment butterflies live in.

Nature and Ethics

A frog habitat inside the Florida Museum of Natural History

The Natural History Museum does a superb job of making visitors aware of the environment necessary for the flourishing of animals. As Leopold teaches, we should be inhabitants of the Earth and not conquerors of it. By providing exhibits that are accurate to the wild life that the animals would prefer make people more aware of what they are doing when they destroy the Earth. In displaying these habitats people become more aware that when they want to destroy them, they will also destroy the wildlife.

Nature and the Human Spirit

A picture of myself in the butterfly exhibit

Nature will forever be a mystery to mankind. Many people are intrigued by this mystery and look at it as a puzzle. To this day there are natural phenomenons that scientist are unable to explain. When one considers all of the unknown in the environment, they begin to appreciate the mystery of the universe. Visiting exhibits similar to the ones in the Natural History Museum will further the interest and exploration of wildlife and our eco-system. Through this exploration we may be able to achieve a better understanding of our everyday surroundings.

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