Slaying the Minotaur AUTumn munyan

Each year 14 people (8 men and 8 women)were sent to feed to the Minotaur
But theseus decided he will go and slay the minotaur

But his dad was afraid so theseus promised his dad he would change his sales from black to white so he would know that he is alive.

so theseus sailed of ready to destroy the minotaur.

He cared a sword and string to defeat the minotaur and he slayed him he followed the strings back to the top and sailed away.

He forgot to change the sales on him boat from black to white and his father screamed in sadness.
And he father jumped off the cliff and killed himself
NO happy ending to this story


Created with images by edenpictures - "Theseus Slaying the Minotaur" • BotheredByBees - "fountain II" • BotheredByBees - "Theseus" • cuxclipper  - "SU.3 THEODOR STORM" • Camera Eye Photography - "Week #4 Vanishing Point [4of52]" • ClickFlashPhotos / Nicki Varkevisser - "Leap of Faith" • janeb13 - "mandrill sad face portrait"

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