Polar Bears in the arctic Juan vega fleitas 2ÂșA

Polar bears have got a big problem due to global climate change, they are endangered.

Actually are 5 out of 19 species of polars bears are in endangered

All of us know that the temperature increases all years and this is a problem because the ice is melting

The polar bears only lives in the Arctic, where they walk in the ice. As ice begins to melt their natural habitat begins to destroy and they don't have a way to recover it.

Another problem has to fact that polars bears have been hunted constantly for decades. They weren't restrictions.

This climate changes also affects to their food. Their principal food are seals

Polar Bear eating a seals

We don't have got doubt that they can adapt to hotter climates, the problem is that they need to change their food and this change can change the food chain

Polar Bears need very cold climates, they can survive to 50 Fahrenheits. As the temperature increase more every year the scientists are worried about the future of this animals.

It is believed that they are going to be extinct in 100 years

It is estimated that hundreds are being killed illegally every years around the world

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