Trust me! it gets better

Having a bad day? The chilly weather and dark skies seem dampen your mood? Can't figure out your next step in life; you feel stuck. Trust me, you are not alone. Someone somewhere has it way worse than you do, truly. Every step you take, desicion you make, challenges you face, people you come across, places you have been, make you the unique person you are.

The path you have travelled so far, is yours alone. No one else has travelled it the same exact way, in the same foot steps, at the same time. Now, do you believe you are unique?

The grass can be greener on the other side.

Believe that your struggles, challenges, tears, sweat is all for a good end. Now you have to turn that belief into reality because no one will make it happen except you.

Make the grass greener on the other side, water it and nurture it; no one will do it for you except you. Take your life seriously, wake up each day with a goal in mind and see to it that steps are being taken to accomplish that goal before the sun goes down. With time the grass, the will get greener.

Take your life seriously!

Understand that you have a purpose for being here, it's not by chance that you are still alive and breathing. You have a purpose to fulfil, so please don't take it for granted. You still have the opportunity to make changes in your life and in the lives of those around you.

Take it easy, you may have found your purpose, you may have not. However the case may be, take things easy, don't rush yourself. Go at your own pace and do yourself a favour by not comparing yourself with anyone. Be inspired by people, be motivated but never ever wish to be someone else my dear.

You are amazing the way you are, appreciate yourself and look forward to what you have to offer the universe.

Look forward to what you have to offer the universe.
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The Monarch Diary


Created with images by FrankWinkler - "coast elgol isle of skye" • Hans - "grass rush juicy" • Yashna M - "I waited" • Anne Worner - "Papaver somniferum" • Bird Eye - "Tree Sun II black and white"

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