Article 18 - Freedom of thought, Conscience, and religion. Made by Emma Kay Rindahl

Christians all over the world are being persecuted, but the ones in the Middle East have it the worst.

This video explains how the amount of Christians in the Middle East are decreasing.

ISIS is continually killing countless amount of Christians, and others.

In the chapter “Lasting Impacts” from ISIS, Katie Marsico informs readers of what is going on in the Middle East, upon what ISIS is doing. Marsico explains that as ISIS spreads “countless other people in their path” are eliminated or assimilated. Even if Christians try to assimilate, “converting to Islam did not guarantee their safety.” If Christians did not convert to islam, the militants would “hand, behead, or crucify such individuals.”

A Christian woman in Egypt is held accountable for a crime she didn't commit

In the article “Egypt Drops Case Against Mob That Attacked Christian Woman” from AP News, Hamza Hendawi informs readers how a woman went through a trial because the Muslim community did not like what her son had done. This Christian woman had her clothes ripped off of her by a Muslim mob and was “paraded...naked through the streets.” This happened to her because of rumors that spread of her son having “an affair with a Muslim woman,” which is disapproved by the Muslims and conservatives in Egypt. The son and mother are not able to return to their home or village that they were born and raised in because of threats from “Muslim extremists in the village.”

Individuals share what it's like to live in Turkey

In the documentary “A Christian in Turkey: Up against Oppression” from DW (English) News discussed what life is like for Christians in Turkey. A bishop shares “as Christians, we don’t have anything.” He also shares “where is the human rights?!” because they don’t have a right in Turkey to teach their “language, [or] religion.” For child Christians in the Turkish schools, their “classmates put [them] down,” just for saying something they had the right to say.

The information in the article above explains that there are so many people in the Middle East who are fleeing from their country, and/or city to get away from ISIS.

This is happening because radical religions feel like they are the only way, and if you don't take that path; YOU MUST DIE!


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