Pride and Prejudice Timeline By sarah valenzuela and nerea ortega

Mr. Bingley moves into town
First Ball (Where Mr. Collins and Elizabeth meet)
Jane visits Mr.Bingley. She gets sick and has to stay.
Lizzie goes to Mr. Bingleys house to see if Jane is in healthy conditions,
Mr. Collins and Mr. Wickham make their first appearance
Mr. Collins and Charlotte get married. This was after he had already proposed to Elizabeth Bennet.
Mr. bingley unexpectedly goes to london, mostly because of the influencies of Mr. Darcy and his sister, leaving Jane alone.
Mr. Darcy procesos to Lizzie for the first time, but she rejects the proposal.
Mr. Darcy wrote a letter to Elizabeth explaining how Mr. Wickham is a liar before he runs off with Lizzies younger sister, Lydia, who is 15 years old.
Mr.Darcy pays for Mr. Wickham's and Lydia's wedding.
Mr Bingley procesos to Jane after coming back from London and Mr. Darcy proposes to Elizabeth again. They get married


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