Deserts !! By: Zachary and Natasha

land use

The way the people used land in Sub Saharan Africa was for subsistence farming, and they used the food from farming for themself and didn't sell it so they dont make money.

Natural resources

The two most presious natural resources from africa is gold and diamond. Close to half of the gold comes from Afica. South Africa and Ghana minds the most gold in Africa. South Africa as mind 152 tons of gold. Ghana has mind 91 mectric tons in 2014.

Democartic Republic of Congo

armed rebeled groups take control of the minds. The armed Rebel groups forced people to work in the mimes like slaves. The minerals they had were tin, tantalum, and tungsten. They keep control of the mimes by bribing the governmet to stay out of the way.

GPD Per Capita

Five nations that have higher GDP Per Capita are Mauritius with $12,800, South Africa with $11,100, Botswana with $9,200, Sychelles with 7,800, and Gabon with $5,900. There are 16 nations that have a GDP Per Capital below $1,000. These five nations have a higher GDP Per Capita than the ones that have a DGP per capita under $1,000 is because they have more natural resources and better

Life exspectancy

28 of the 31 life exspectanys are from sub - Saharani. The huge reason for this is HIV and AIDS. 69% of sub - sharani as this.

Powerful trading empires

The three West African kindoms were the kindom of Ghana, the kindom Mali, the kindom of Songhai. The years they were in power were 800 CE-and 1600 CE. The trade network that all 3 were in was, the Tans-Saharan. the two Comminodites that were traded were salt and gold.

Slaves on the Trans-Sahrana

North Africans tribes traded with Afircan slaves because other Muslims could not ensave other Muslims. Muslim and Afircan slave traders primarly use slaves and forced them to be in the military. The Muslim and Africna enslavement of Afircans was different from Europeans enslavement of Afircans because they were treated much better and could possibly own their own slaves.

King Mansa Musa and Timbucktu

Mansa Musa was the king of Mali. He was known to be the first Afircan ruller. He brought back Muslim Scholars to build cities, mosques, and Schools in TImbucktu. Timbucktu was established as as center of Islamic learning with the academic fiedls of mathamatics, music, law, and literature.

Hor buttnta

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