Having to see that By : Camilla mancillas

Holman Roper sat on his couch comfortably when suddenly he gets a phone call. He knew it was business. As he answers the phone, he gets immediately greeted by a worried farmer who's cattle is going missing mysteriously.

Holman rushes to the address he was told to and there greets the farmer there. Holman looks at every inch of the cattle's corral. Holman at the scene, seems to not find anything out of the ordinary. There seems not to be evidence of any predators or an opening on the fence that will have lead to the disappearing of the cattle. While inspecting once more, Holman noticed an almost invisible trail of footprints. Covered by mud, anyone that who wasn't conscious as Holman wouldn't have noticed. They seemed to be from women's footwear...high-heels perhaps. Holman and the farmer followed the covered prints, in which they took them somewhere out of range of the corral. Suddenly, Holman sees a figure quite away from him. Now you might think that this criminal is a female, now that's where you are wrong. As the more closer he got, Holman noticed that this suspect of crime had a very buff figure, with a trenchcoat. It wasn't what he thought it would be, a woman...but a transvestite.

Shocked, Holman run up to him and tackled the man into the ground and cuffed him up, as the farmer was admiring the scenario from a far. Once the criminal was being interviewed, he admitted of tranquilizing the cattle and taking them to his truck, killing them with a shot. Holman questioned him on his reasons for the killings. He admitted to be inspired by his most admired pop star, Lady Gaga, to make a meat dress of his own. He also admitted that with spares, he utilizes the fat and grease of the animal as a substitute for Botox, he was self-injecting them to himself...he looked horrible indeed. The farmer, thanking him for his help gave his farewell to Holman while the police did their job with the insane man. Holman quite disturbed with the situation came back to his home, with some stains of fresh blood. He sat back on his couch and muttered to himself, " You did what you had to do, Holman...you did what you had to do."

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