Number the Stars By: Lois Lowry

Chapter one: Annemarie and Ellen were racing to the cornered like they do every Friday after school. Little Kirstie of course told them to wait up but, before she could catch up to the girls, two Danish soldiers stopped them and told them to stop when they got to the corner. Annemarie and little Kirstie told their mothers that night. The mothers talked about it, and told the girls to walk in a different way that they wouldn't run into a soldier. Annemarie thought, how could we walk in a way that the soldiers wouldn't stop us?! They're everywhere!
Chapter two: Annemarie and her sister Kirstie were getting ready to sleep, but Kirstie wanted Annemarie to tell her a story about a king and a queen. Annemarie's father told her a story about a King named Christian and how Denmark protected the king. In little Kirstie's mind, she believed all of this. In Annemarie's mind, she knew that it was just a made up fairytale. She could not ruin that experience of believing that stuff for Kirstie.
Chapter 3: Kirstie's button on her jacket broke right in half so after school that day. Annemarie was told to go to a button shop and get one button that matched her other buttons. When they got to the shop, they noticed that it had a closed sign on it. That night they talked about why it had a closed sign on it. Annemarie got a treat that night when an old friend came and visited that night.
Chapter 4: Ellen's family was in danger of the soldiers. Ellen was really scared and was crying. So Ellen wouldn't be found, Annemarie and Ellen had a sleepover and if any soldier came into Annemarie's apartment, they would pretend to be sisters. Annemarie was worried. What if the soldiers thought otherwise what if they knew she was Jewish in some way!
Chapter 5: Annemarie and Ellen finally fell asleep and called it a night for their sleepover. But at 4:00 in the morning 3 of the Nazi officers came into the house. They searched everywhere to see if the Rosen's were in the apartment, but they weren't. They searched the room Annemarie and Ellen were sleeping in, they told both girls to get up. So they did, they came into the living room. They were confused because Annemarie was blonde and Ellen was dark-headed. So they looked at the baby pictures and there was a dark-headed child.
Chapter 6: To keep Ellen protected, Kirstie, Annemarie's mom,Annemarie, and Ellen all went to Uncle Henrick's house hidden in a little meadow by a sea shore. They figured that Ellen world never be found there. It is hidden and they think nobody, NO soldier would be able to stop them. The 4 girls are safe in the meadow, even if a soldier were to come to uncle Henricks cabin, they will never know that Ellen is Jewish. they will think Ellen and Annemarie are sisters.
Chapter 7: The 4 girls all went to Uncle Henricks house, when the first got there, they explored around the seaside for a little bit. When Uncle Henrick came home,they ate and then Wllen asked where her necklace was and Annemarie said she his it in a very good hiding spot. Annemarie was a little bit confused because normally when she went to her uncles house her mom and her uncle would usually be giggling but that night, it was silent. Annemarie was curious. She was laying in bed thinking what could've happened to have made them so silent.
Chapter 8: Annemarie's mother woke up early to make oatmeal for all the girls. With the breakfast, they had cream, the girls were confused because it has been a while since they had cream for breakfast. After that, Annemaries mother worked to tideyng up the house for Uncle Henrick. When uncle Henrick got home, Annmarie's mother and uncle Henrick argued about Henrick needing a wife. Henrick explained to the family that there had been a death but Annemarie had never heard of that person.
Chapter 9: Uncle Henrick and Annemarie's mother told the girls that there had been a great-aunt named birte. Later on, Annemarie's got upset when she figured out that it wasn't true, so she went up to Uncle Henrick and asked "why did you and Mama lie"? Henrick said it was to make Annemarie Brave. She understood. But, they had to still pretend Birte was dead. People came to Henrick's house that night to give "apologies" about Birte but it wasn't true they never had an aunt named Birte.
Chapter 10: As Annemarie went to bed, she was awaken by headlights. Then there was a banging on the door. Soldiers walked in. One of the soldiers asked why there were so many people over that night. Mama said that there had been a death, the soldier asked why the casket wasn't open. Mama lied, she said that Great-aunt birte died of a disease and she said that there was still germs on her and that got the soldiers to leave the house. Annemarie was very worried when the soldiers came back again.
Chapter 11: Peter was leaving. He was kind eneough to give everyone at Henricks house a warm coat/sweater/jacket to all of them. He said it would be cold so he gave all of them a little something. Most of the people Annemarie was sad to hear that peter was going away for a while. But, she was also happy that she got some new clothing for the winter.
Chapter 12: mr.rosen had tripped over a loose step outside the kitchen door. It was very dark so he did not see it there. The lid on the casket was closed again. The room was now empty because everyone had left. In the morning,they had cream and oatmeal again. Annemarie could not complain though, it was better than anything she used to have back at the apartment.
Chapter 13: Mr. Rosen had tripped down the steps as he was leaving. Annemarie had been worried about mer mom. That morning, just as the sun was going up, her and her mom had realized uncle Henrick had forgotten his lunch, so she had to run it to him. She was a little scared because she was worried she would get caught by a soldier. She had remembered when she was walking home that day when the soldier had stopped her and Ellen.
Chapter 14: Annemarie had to take uncle Henricks lunch to him, so she headed to the pathway that lead to the fishermans boats. As she was on the path, she pictured that she was little red riding hood. She had been thinking about how she always told her little sister that story when they would be getting ready for bed. As she was walking down the path, she heard growling as she was walking, it was following her. The objects growling were two dogs.
Chapter 15: As Annemarie was walking, she was stopped by two soldiers and their two mean looking dogs. They noticed Annemarie had a basket, the two soldiers examined it. They saw that there was bread, one soldier ripped it in half and fed the two pieces two the dogs. They also noticed that there was cheese, one soldier took it out of the basket and said something to the other soldier in German. That same soldier took the apple out of the basket and saw that there was brown spots on it, he gave Annemarie a disgusted look. He replied to her my dogs smell meat. She suddenly started crying and said there was nothing. They put the cheese back in the basket and left laughing. She had been very frightened.
Chapter 16: at dinner that night, they talked about how Annemarie milked blossom. After that, uncle Henrick went outside to the barn, and wanted to give Annemarie milking lessons. Annemarie asked uncle Henrick,where the rosens were when she went and gave uncle Henrick his lunch. Uncle Henrick said that they had built hiding spots in their boats to hide them. The soldiers had also come to Henrick too. The reason they have hiding spots is because the soldiers have been checking the boats to see if there were any Jews. Uncle Henrick also said the war would end.
Chapter 17: Uncle Henrick once said, the war would end, and it did two years later. Peter had been shot at the public square at ryvangen, in copenhagen. He wrote the letter to Annemarie's family and told them he wanted to be buried by Lise, Annemarie's older sister who had been ran over. That night the whole city of Copenhagen was singing,crying,dancing,and very wha seemed to be happiness. Annemarie noticed the necklace she had taken off ellen, it was broken. She asked her papa if he could fix it he said yes. Annemarie wanted to wear it herself, until she saw Ellen again.

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