Video Ignition Kit Increase Your Revenues and Build Your Brand Like Never Before.

The Video Ignition Kit is a premium video content marketing program for marketers and businesses that provides them with higher level video content, combining information and entertainment, and a custom launch strategy.

Audiences' are exhausted. Fragments of their attention are up for grabs, and people can't handle boring or irrelevant messaging anymore. Viewers need premium video content that combines information with entertainment value in order to give your product or service the attention it deserves.

Simply put: Your content needs to have the same alluring affect that cinema has.

One problem: budget and time weighed against the cost of great content is traditionally difficult to reconcile.


With Fire Tribe's new video-centric digital marketing program, your brand can now compete with household names and become a force in the market to be reckoned with.


The Video Ignition Kit program simplifies video marketing strategy and content creation by providing finished mins of content divided into multiple videos for one flat rate.

Kind of like a cell phone plan, but for your video content.

One Ignition Kit purchase can provide months of premium video content for your social channels and a research-backed digital strategy to effectively deploy it.


  • Video Primer: Our Digital Strategy and Cinematic Content Team will perform a deep dive market analysis providing a video content diagnosis and a clear strategy of how to deploy that content for boosted ROI.
  • Cinematic UX: Your video content should match the quality of your brand and service. Our team of industry experienced filmmakers and animators will get to work, translating their experience producing for entertainment outlets like Netflix and History Channel, into creating video content to populate your digital marketing strategy.
  • Flex Content: A video campaign isn't rock solid unless it's flexible. Each project comes with 2-3 rounds of client revisions across the video series. The Video Ignition Kit measures content in finished minutes, not just a single video. These finished minutes are split up into multiple videos to be deployed across your campaign so they can be A/B tested, making your video campaign optimizable. (Typically clients get between 3-5 videos depending on how they use their finished mins).


  • Full digital campaign deployment and management.
  • Additional video content creation (ie. Onsite film crew etc.)
  • Team Integration for ongoing support.

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