Charybdis|Poseidon Note to Self, Add Subtitle


  • God of the Seas,Earthquakes,Storms,And Horses
  • Considered one of the most bad tempered, moody, and greedy of the Olympian Gods
  • Known to be vengeful when insulted
  • Son of Chronus and Rhea
  • Helps Greeks in Trojan war
  • Hates Odysseus
  • God
  • Son of Chronus and Rhea
  • Brother of Zeus
  • Fathered many children


  • Dwelt in Strait of Messina under a rock
  • Offspring of Poseidon and Gaear
  • Lives on the other side of the strait than Scylla
  • Roughly 75 ft across
  • Odysseus got 6 men killed by Scylla while trying to avoid Charybdis
  • Monster
  • Female
  • Stole Hercules cattle
  • Cast into the sea by Zeus
  • Rationalized as a whirlpool

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