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The Exhibit

The artists in Reinventions challenged their previous notions of themselves as artists by experimenting with art processes that were new to them. The exhibit features pieces made in AARC’s workshops on two art forms that originate from China: traditional Chinese Calligraphy and handmade paper.

Upon applying ink to paper with a bamboo brush to create the Chinese character, 福 “Fú (Good Fortune)”, Senior Program participant, Szu-Lin Pai, recalled the proverb:

“Every day you invent something new.”

The Workshops

AARC’s Heritage Artist Laureate, Mr. Huang, guided participants in the practice of traditional Chinese Calligraphy over the course of four classes. Ancient Chinese characters developed independently of other early written languages. In the handmade paper workshops, program participants made their pieces from a variety of recycled material from AARC’s facility. The process for making paper was invented in China about 2,000 years ago and within this workshop, participants not only learned this ancient process but also made it uniquely their own. Some chose to dye their piece by shredding bits of brightly colored construction paper into the mix, and some experimented with adding dried flower petals and paper cut outs. While unified in technique and material, each piece of art in this exhibit represents its maker’s individual experience, and none are exactly alike.

The AARC held two workshops for seniors in the Winter of 2020, a Chinese Calligraphy, taught by AARC’s Heritage Artist Laureate 2020, Mr. Huang. Handmade Paper, the second workshop, was taught by AARC’s Exhibit Specialist, Rachel Stewart Chhabra.

The Artists

Senior Program Participants explored art forms and inventions in Chinese Calligraphy and handmade paper workshops offered by the Asian American Resource Center (AARC). During these workshops, the participants explored ideas of self-reinvention by trying new things.

The AARC Senior Program Art Exhibit, Reinventions, A Senior Art Show, will be on display at the Asian American Resource Center in Austin, Texas throughout the Summer of 2020.

Reservations to view the exhibit are required.

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