Modern Evolution By: Nolen Grubbe - 4A

Organism: Humans

Look it may be funny or a crazy thought to think of, but we as humans are still evolving. Us humans are doing it faster than before, in the last 10,000 years, our evolution has sped up 100 times... And we will continue to do so!

1. We Drink Milk -

One of the genes that helped us digest lactose was thought to wear off, but then we began domesticating cows, sheep, and goats. We are able to drink it, and the people with the genetic mutation that allowed them to digest lactose were better able to propagate their genes.

2. Losing Our Wisdom Teeth -

Back in the day our ancestors food was huge and hard, causing there teeth to break down, because there jaws were big, now our food is smaller and more easy to eat, and our jaws now are smaller. With a result of that there's no room. Causing the wisdom teeth to become organs.

4. Our Brains Are Shrinking

We sometimes like to believe our brains are becoming bigger and bigger, which sometimes it is but actually our brains have been shrinking for awhile now, awhile being 30,000 years. One group of researchers suspects our shrinking brains mean we are in fact getting dumber. Historically, brain size decreased as societies became larger and more complex, suggesting that the safety net of modern society negated the correlation between intelligence and survival.

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