SMU Class of COVID: Sarah Kaiser Computer science major, 22

Photo courtesy of Sarah Kaiser

Sarah Kaiser is a senior and will be soon graduating with a B.S. in Computer Science from the Lyle School of Engineering. She is 22 years old and originally from Scottsdale, Arizona. After college, she has the amazing opportunity of working full time at J.P.Morgan Chase & Co. in Plano as a Software Engineer. In her time at SMU, she has been a part of Greek Life, Program Council, Catholic Campus Ministries at SMU, 24 hour musical, and the Computer Science Student Advisory Board.

Courtesy of Sarah Kaiser

Sarah is most proud of how well she adapted to life at SMU. Coming from out-of-state as the oldest child, she was nervous of letting herself and her family down. However, through learning about herself in college and through her rigorous major classes, she realized how capable she was.

When the pandemic struck, Sarah was lucky enough to have her internship go virtual instead of being terminated like a lot of her friend’s internships. This later led to her current job offer.

Courtesy of Sarah Kaiser

While doing school work from home during the pandemic, her family helped her a lot. With Sarah taking such intense classes virtually, her late study nights were moved from Fondren Library to her own home. Sarah’s family realized that her studying until the early hours of the morning almost everyday was an unhealthy habit. They helped her set mental boundaries and not be self-destructive with school work. She also learned to be more intentional by keeping in touch with friends from home and SMU.

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