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Health is the level of functional efficiency of the living organisms in your body. For humans, it is the ability to adapt to social, mental and physical change in our lives that is good health.

There are multiple types of diseases that can be communicable or non-communicable. A communicable disease is a disease that can be passed person to person such as a cold whereas a non-communicable disease is a disease that cannot be passed person to person such as cancer.



Stress causes many health problems such as a headache, insomnia or lack of productivity. Most people just think this is just illness but it can be due to high levels of stress. Stress may not seem like much but it can cause other health issues such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and obesity.
Smoking has a hugely negative impact on your health. The nicotine in them makes the highly addictive. It is the leading cause of the biggest cancer threat in the U.K., lung cancer. Smoking damages the lining of your arteries, leading to a build up of fat which lines the arteries (atheroma) which narrows the artery. This can cause angina, a heart attack or a stroke. One of the biggest health risks from smoking is that you would be twice as likely to have a heart attack compared to a non-smoker.
Life situations-Financial

There are ways in which life situations can affect your stress levels and money is one of the bigger influences. The main reason people get stressed from a situation involving money is if they are in debt. Another could be something such as the car or boiler breaking and not be ping able to afford to get it fixed. This would increase the amount of stress you have and could make you feel ill.


Osteoporosis is a condition that weakens the bones and causes them to fracture easily. Osteoporosis occurs over several years and is usually diagnosed when a bone such as the Wrist or Hip is fractured or a minor fall or sudden impact.

Osteoporosis can be caused by going through hormonal changes or a deficiency of calcium or vitamin D. Osteoporosis can affect men and women and it is more common in older people compared to younger because your bones are stronger in early adulthood compared to later life. Reduced amounts of sex hormones (oestrogen and testosterone), disorders of the pituitary gland, and Hyperparathyroidism (overactivity of the parathyroid glands).

The main treatments are using medication that strengthens the bone and will prevent it fracturing easily and the other being trying to prevent falls so bones will not fracture.


Cancer Is a word used to describe a group of related diseases. The case with all cancers is that some body cells begin to divide without stopping and begin to spread in to surrounding tissue.

The most common risk factors for cancer are aging, smoking prolonged sun exposure, radiation exposure, chemicals and other substances, some viruses and bacteria, certain hormones, family history of cancer, alcohol, poor diet, or being overweight.

Malignant tumours are tumours that can spread around the body. These tumours are able to send cells around the body and these cells can grow other tumours that can be as close or as far from the original location of the tumour.

Benign tumours are tumours that can grow to immense sizes but cannot send cells to grow another tumour so they can be cut off of the body and are not very likely to grow back compared to the malignant tumour. However unlike most benign tumours a benign Brian tumour can be life threatening.

There are multiple ways to treat different types of cancer however some can be untreatable due to being to developed. The main three types of treatment are surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. The side affects of having surgery are the fact that the surgery might not be a success, there could be and implication and there will be a scar. For chemotherapy there are multiple side effects three of them being hair loss, fatigue, and pains such as headaches. Three side effects of radiotherapy are skin problems such as dryness or itching, tooth decay, and difficulty swallowing.


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