Tyler & Rachel Our adoption journey

We are so excited to begin this adoption journey! We understand that our journey will have its ups and downs, and we know yours will too. We are sincerely grateful that you have taken the time to view this snapshot of our lives.

Our Wedding- July 20, 2013

Rachel and her dad joking before the ceremony
Mom and Rachel
The Wedding Ceremony
Tyler's parents and Grandpa
Entering the reception
Dancing the night away
The best man, Josh, giving a memorable speech
It's not a party unless everyone dances!

Enjoying Life's Adventures

Indoor skydiving in Dallas
Exploring Chicago
Snowboarding in Colorado
Cheering on Arkansas at the College World Series
Enjoying the beach in South Carolina

We love to travel and try new activities, like indoor sky diving and exploring new cities. We like spending time together, whether it's snowboarding or watching a sporting event.

Our Home

Playing with guests
Piper relaxing on the deck
Enjoying a nice evening
Hosting Mother's Day lunch for Tyler's mom

Family Time

We are very close to our families, even though they are spread throughout Texas, Nebraska and Illinois. We have seven nieces and four nephews who we love to spoil! Our families get together for birthdays, holidays, and special events. Everyone has supported us through this journey and is looking forward to our new addition! Our child will surely be loved and spoiled by aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents!


Our newest addition, Piper, was born March 19, 2017.
Teka, our two year-old, is VERY spoiled.
All four dogs are willing to sit for a treat!

Our Beginnings

No one ever saw it coming! A whirlwind romance in Kansas between a boy from Texas and a girl from Nebraska...


I was born in Perryton, Texas in 1982. I am the third and youngest boy. My older brothers, Cade and Heath, are 10 and 8 years older than me, respectively. Growing up, we were involved in anything and everything outdoors: from riding horses, to playing football, to fishing and hunting. We may not have had a lot, but I wouldn't change anything about my childhood. My mom and dad instilled the importance of hard work and taking time to enjoy time with friends and family.

Look at that sweet red turtleneck!
Excited to play some football!
Tyler and his Easter bunny
I still love being outdoors and can't wait to share these experiences with our child.
Hunting and Field Trials and teaching the next generation about the great outdoors.

I have always put a high priority on my education, and had a little fun along the way. I graduated with my Master's degree in 2009, and am currently an athletic trainer, working with student-athletes and physical therapy patients.

High School Graduation, Carlsbad, New Mexico
Eastern New Mexico University, Portales, New Mexico
University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas
Arkansas Razorback's Football Stadium in Little Rock.
Working an Arkansas football game
Done with my Master's Degree!
State Champs!


I was born and raised in York, Nebraska. I am the third of four girls born to two teachers. My parents instilled in me a love of education, sports, homemaking (including sewing, cooking, and gardening), and a strong faith in God. My favorite memories include holidays, spending time with family, going to my grandparent's farm, and playing sports.

Christmas is a time for giving, family, and wearing awesome dresses!
Mini golf
Dad reading to my sister and me
Picking flowers with my sister and BFF
First day of Kindergarten
Taking our rabbit, Kokomo, on a walk
Cousins on the farm
Helping mom in the garden
Batting cages
Track meet
I love being outdoors and am excited to share these adventures with our child!

After graduating from high school in 2004, I attended North Central University in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I majored in elementary education with a concentration in English Language Arts and a Bible minor. I had a lot of great experiences in college! Along with exploring Minnesota and Wisconsin, I was also able to travel to Ecuador, Louisiana, and the island of Saipan.

North Central University, downtown Minneapolis
Dorm life
Relief trip to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina
Missions trip to Quito, Ecuador
Student teaching in Saipan, CNMI
Graduation May 2009

After graduation, I moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado. I spent two years there, hoping to find a teaching position. My love for Colorado Springs, and Colorado in general, was brought on by numerous family trips during my childhood. I enjoyed hiking, snowboarding, skiing, and being surrounded by mountains. But after two years of substitute teaching and working for an international ministry, I was hired to teach junior high school English in Copeland, Kansas. This was an amazing opportunity as I not only got to see my dream realized, but also met Tyler. I have since moved to another school and now teach high school. I recently earned my Master's degree from MidAmerica Nazarene University.

Operating a fireworks stand
Go skiing, they said. It'll be fun, they said. (Not as much fun as boarding!)
I love football, coaching junior high volleyball, gardening and learning!

Our Future

Becoming parents means the world to us, so we are truly grateful for the opportunity to adopt. We look forward to sharing these, and many more, experiences with our child.

Hunting is Tyler's favorite activity, and Rachel tags along occasionally.
Spending time in the country on family land
"Fishing pond" Christmas tradition
Celebrating birthdays and eating CAKE!
Cooking and baking
Love to laugh
Piggy-back rides!
Lots of family, and LOTS of LOVE!
He's really just a big kid!
Lots of snuggling
Whoever they cheer for, it will be some shade of red!
Boots and caps and the great outdoors

For more information on adoption, call 620-227-1590 or click on the link below.

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