YOU BELONG. You own this belonging when you believe what God believes

Jesus spoke of spirit and truth, declaring that belonging in spirit and truth in contrast to fantasy and theory meant a life in which He is our life.

I will be alive in you and my relationship with Father will be your relationship

SHADOW AND REAL: In any marriage a couple belong to each other. They are one. In many marriages the couple are one flesh and one spirit. In other marriages the marriage is a shell. They live separate lives and do not really have a marriage in spirit and in truth. Sure they are married and one according to the law. But according to the spirit they live in separation. What we are in the spirit is our real self. What we are in the law is the self of externality - the false self that is a shadow of the real. Our real self is who we are in relation to God. In the Spirit as distinct from the law, you and our Father are one.

From the novel Patmos.

"There is only one battle."

"One?" I asked, curious.

His eyes flashed, and he looked straight at me. "Union or separation," he said definitively. …

I knew to the core of my soul that we had arrived at the heart of everything. I could see it in his face and in the way he held his head. I was not sure what he meant by union or separation, but it was clear that to him this was the crosshairs of the cosmos. …

"The truth of all truths: Jesus. Jesus in his Father and us in him. Without Jesus, what do you have?"

"Not much, I reckon. Just ourselves."

"Ourselves and ideas of separation from God," St. John declared in his most authoritative apostolic tone. "Listen, young Aidan."

And as I did, I felt that my world was about to be shattered. "The assumption of separation is the great darkness." (Patmos, page. 91)

Separation taught as Christianity is darkness promoted as light. Here you are taught to strive and strain for what you already have: Union with God,

If we remain contained in the law we are living in separation whether we know it or not. To embrace Christ as our life is more than a piety. It is to participate in His relationship with Father and be interwoven into the trinity. As Jesus belongs in the trinity, so in Him do we

You and our Father are one

You are our Father's delight, As Father delights in Jesus, so He delights in you. You belong.

In the law we are forever caught in an impossible quest - the attempt to make ourselves acceptable to God. In the Spirit, which we are since the cross, we are always acceptable. That is if we care to live in our belonging in Christ. This is our inheritance in spirt and in truth if we believe. If we believe without sitting on the edge of life and dangling one foot in the old covenant cesspool of the law of sin and death, we are fully acceptable. We belong because we are in Christ and therefore in God in the fellowship of the trinity.

You are what you believe.

Living out your union with God

Where we are in this battle determines if we belong to the Kingdom of God or whether we are yet to enter it; whether we are born from separated Adam into Jesus and His relationship with Father or whether we are following a religion that maroons us in the Fall.

Trapped inside your own ideas.

Everyone belongs. But whether we belong in spirit and in truth depends on believing the truth - in believing what God believes about Himself and about you. Video.

The joy of life!

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