Italian Food is Superior Food

I wish I could have a bowl of spaghetti and meatballs. Too bad I live at the bottom of the sea..

On the left is a picture of your brain when not eating spaghetti

On the right is a picture of your brain on Spaghetti

This is a picture of an island that could be found off the coast of Italy. Italy is where Italian food is made.

Common side effect of not eating spaghetti: looking up at the stars asking the creator of the universe why he didn't give you a bowl of spaghetti.

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Spaghetti McMeatballs


Created with images by sushi♥ina - "spicy meatballs" • Ed Bierman - "Mantis shrimp or stomatopods" • ElisaRiva - "head brain thoughts" • rizuan.j - "Chaos" • Lenny K Photography - "Nightime Wanderers"

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