InSite 2018 Field Report Enkanini and Lethabong

Enkanini February 2018

InSite's eigth year in Enkanini. Yondela Tyana has been our local connection and friend for the past six years. His office/home is our connection point and is located as you walk up the main street in the settlement.

The InSite team was composed of 4 students from the Amsterdam International Community School, and 6 adults. InSite staff. On onsite team in South Africa included, Lody, from A Great Adventure, Phillipine, InSiteSA's co-director, Seki, who lead education initiatives, teacher trainings and Sepato who helps lead a sustainable agricultural project. Seven students from Enkanini joined us for the camping weekend as well as three interpreters from Enkanini who would be joining us for the week in our interviewing project.

Our work project was collecting data: interviews with residents of Enkanini, locals in Stellenbosch and small business owners in town. We spent over 15 hours and interviewed over 150 people in total, gathering perceptions and experiences as 10 solar street lights were installed and a new off the grid bakery was built an close to opening. It was crucial to gain what the community was wanting and what they knew or didn't know about these projects. Rumors start quickly and it's difficult to control the narrative once the rumors begin.

In the afternoon, the students arranged games in teams and played with children each day. They were asked to spend time preparing and practicing the games before arriving and learned about the importance of play in the overall development of children.

Next Steps in Enkanini

Enkanini is an informal settlement on the edge of Stellenbosch, South Africa. The government provides taps for water near toilets - there are 5 installations of these to cover over 8000 families

Philips, The Philips Foundation, InSite and the community of Enkanini have created South Africa's first bakery in an informal settlement.

The Sakhisizwe (Uniting a nation) Bakery in Enkanini, close to Kaymandi (Stellenbosch), is solar powered, built with sustainable materials and insulated with local natural products. Run by members of the local community, the bakery will serve as a community center called the Enkanini Transformation Center. In addition, four solar-powered street lights that will light up the exterior of the bakery. The installation, building and running of the business is all locally sourced.

The bakery is in its soft launch phase, selling items to local shops and testing out the various items. The small team has a coach/mentor in town, Lianti who owns a local cafe called, Twaalf. The aim of the bakery is to eventually sell bread and other items to cafes in downtown Stellenbosch in addition to the local community.

Ten solar street lights were also installed in the community. There have been issues with the lights turning off in the middle of the night when people are still coming to and from work. This has put a strain on Yondela as he is the local face of the project. Philips has been slow in responding which has made this a problem for Yondela. Once the lights are fixed, it will be seen and experienced as a first step in building trust as so many promises are made and broken in the eyes of the residents of Enkanini

InSite Interns

Hayley Johnson interned with InSite this year. As part of her internship, she is leading a research project on the vast number of post-graduate studies done in Enkanini and the fall out to the community as a result. It is her aim to use this research as a way to bring equanimity to the community as it seems they've been exploited for the benefit of those doing the research and gaining the knowledge.

Lethabong 2018

This was InSite's fifth visit to this Informal Settlement. It is located in Pretoria, South Africa. There are about 2500 people who live here. They have water dropped off in huge water tanks 2 times/week, although water is supposed to be delivered everyday. They also have 2 huge street lights for safety and trash pick up in designated areas. There is a clinic which has one doctor. There is no plumbing, electricity and limited trash pick up.

Rosemary Hill

Rosemary Hill is a local farm which runs a wedding venue, restaurant, mountain bike trails and boarding school and much more, employees many people from this settlement and also helps provide food for a feeding scheme in Lethabong that feeds about 150 children every day.

InSite stays at Rosemary Hill while working in this informal settlement. Cindy, featured in this picture runs the feeding scheme with a few other mama's. She also helps us coordinate the work projects in making sure we are helping those with the greatest need.

The InSite team did work projects in the morning and the students implemented the afterschool play activities for the children in the afternoon for about 2 hours/day.

Work Projects

Gardens. We did a lot of gardening.

The ladies we work with all wanted a community garden. They want to be able to feed their families and eventually be able to sell the extras for money. So, we gave them a head start and cleared an area, fenced it off and prepared the soil with them.

We helped a mama who has eight children expand her garden. Her husband has aids and can not work. In addition, we gave her cement so she can get some help cementing the floor of her house so it doesn't get muddy in the rainy season. We were not able to fix the leaks in her roof as her house walls weren't stable enough to work on. Next year, perhaps we can get her a new home.

We provided cement for four other homes, bought school uniforms for 4 children who desperately needed them and ran the feeding scheme for the children on the school holidays.

Soushanguvae garden. We spent one morning helping Phillipine with her expanding garden. We worked alongside her group fo six women who work everyday on this beautiful garden as they develop their farming skills for the next big farming project they will do next: moving to Phillipine's 26 hectare property and starting farming on this huge plot of land!

InSite's other activities while in South Africa

In addition to working in the local communities, InSite does provide opportunities for the students to experience some of what South Africa has to offer in terms of nature and culture.

The image here is of the coast near the Cape. We spent the day enjoying the sun and sea. Students also spend time in the local cities, go on hikes and of course, have some time to purchase souvenirs.

A Great Adventure, is a team building business that InSite partners with for our camping weekend. This takes place the first weekend which helps prepare the students for the week.

The students are guided through a weekend of challenges, and are faced with many obstacles and learn what it means to be a team and to do more, and be more than they thought they could. It brings together the months of leadership training and team building and climaxes into a weekend of WOW moments. By the time we begin our week on Monday morning, we are mentally, emotionally and physically ready to work.

InSite Funds

All the students fundraise €1750, as well as the adult volunteer staff. The InSite staff's expenses are part of the budget as they help administrate and run the program year round. The Enkanini Team was 16 people and the Pretoria Team was 26 people. As InSite had 2 trips this year, the collective funding from both teams were combined and allocated as needed.

The overall budget for InSite 2018 was €28.000. This was the combined effort of all the students and staff. pifworld.com was used as our fundraising platform where the majority of the funds were contributed. Stichting Reckoning pays an annual fee for the services of this platform. Pifworld charges 4% administration fees for their services.

InSite SA: An extension for greater impact

InSite SA is a new non-profit, and NPO in South Africa. The aim is to increase the agency of those living in disadvantaged communities with job training and education. Yondela Tyawa and Phillipine Pia as the Directors. Yondela is the director of the Cape Town area and Phillipine is the director of the Pretoria area.

With the birth of Sakhisizwe Bakery in Enkanini, and Phillipine's agricultural initiative, it has been a platform for them to use to access funds, meetings with government officials and community leaders as they have a title and an organization.

Over the next year, InSite SA will seek to establish ways to increase the opportunities for better jobs, and a more fulfilling life for those living in disadvantaged communities.

Thanks to everyone who helped support InSite 2018: Parents and families of the team, Amsterdam International Community School and International School of Almere, The InSite staff and volunteers, not to mention our amazing interns, and to our partners in South Africa: Everyone at Rosemary Hill, Great Adventures, Yondela and his family, ishack and Stumble Inn, not to mention Leslie and his staff of drivers, and the incredible leaders in Lethabong who run the feeding scheme and are the backbone of the community, Cindi and her great team!

Together, we can accomplish more than any of us can do alone.

Enkanini Team above and Pretoria Team below.
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