Public Garden BY: Anmol

In 1634 the Common was created as America’s first public park ; It was and is in Boston. It was practical and pastoral with walkways built for crosstown travel. In contrast, the Public Garden was the first public botanical garden in America. It was decorative and flowery from its inception, featuring meandering pathways for strolling. Link:

In the garden there is a statue o f George Washington. It is of him sitting on a horse. We can take pictures with it. It is pretty bug and all pitch black. Link to pic below:,_MA_-_DSC01502.JPG

George Washington on a horse!

There is a swan boats rides. They go under the bridge. There are actual swans in the river AKA a lagoon. We can have a ride but it costs money. ou pay less for childerends and more for asults. When you are in it its a beautiful ride and there are swans. Link to pic below:

Swan boat rides!

There is a straight pathway, including a bridge that crosses over its pond. The bridge is known as Lagoon bridge. We can walk over it. When we take pictures they come out beautiful. Link to pic below:

The Lagoon bridge!
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