Capital Tea's CTEA

Business Overview:

Capital Tea's would like to introduce the world to our finest tea selection with our choice of the finest exotic flavours that will bring joy to your tastebuds. We operate in 80 different countries around the world where our main headquarters are located in the heart of London. Our flavours vary all the way from countries such as Turkey to Sri Lanka and China, where the finest herbs and spices make up one of our finest teas in the world. Our company, set up in 1848 has further served our finest collection to tables in royal houses, where royal family members have asked for more then just a few teabags.

Drink Better - Live Better


Capital Tea's strives to promote it's unique, healthy and organic teas where we further strive to further satisfy employees, in order to bring out the best of their abilities towards creating an unforgettable teabag to our consumers.


We strive to be the most highly regarded tea company, crafting the most naturally delicious and ethically sourced beverages, ready to warm your hands as well as your heart.

Industry Analysis:

Our tea industry has witnessed a significant growth within these past several years. People young and old enjoy the warm beverage and further consume the popular drink in order to help fight harmful health conditions. Looking specifically at our Industry in England, our flavours vary between fruit and herbal teas which have shown positivity, in terms of the increase in sales. In 2016, there was an increase of 35% in sales, compared to in 2012 there was only an increase of 15% since the year of 2009. Furthermore the average cost for a tea bag is around 2p but consumers have been willing to pay around 10 times more for speciality black teabags, coming from the most exotic countries of the world, which were one of the many factors that contributed to higher sales.

Increasing the demand for hot beverages at low prices dramatically fuel the growth of the tea market across different regions of the world. Our tea is specifically sold across many channels among the key drivers behind the growth of the market. Supermarkets and convenience stores have become more popular channels then retailers or general merchandises, where the demand from consumers has been higher then ever before. Supermarkets will probably dominate all the channels by 2020.

Furthermore, we strive for a higher increase in sales as years go by and specifically want to focus on increasing our options, as more consumers will be looking for more health and wellness products. We strive for both quality and the power of quantity, avoiding the aspect of price, as that is not what matters most to us. We want to bring people joy in all of the 80 countries we operate in, leaving a smile on everyones faces.

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