Howard Carters life changing discovery one man one life changing discovery

Have you ever wondered who discovered Tutankhmun tomb?On November the 4th 1922,Howard Carter discovered the unknown tomb in the valley of the kings in Egypt. Working tirelessly for 5 years, Howard Carter made an unbelievable and life- changing found!

A long time ago in 1874 on the 9th of May Howard Carter was born.Howard Carter was born in London his dad was an artist he didnt want to become a artist like his dad he wanted to explore . Growing up , Carter was a very sickly child and went to live with his aunties in Norfolk he didnt want to follow his fathers footsteps and become an artist he wanted to to travel the world and he also had a really good passion with Egypt.He wnted to study and find out more about Ancient Egypt

Howard Carter was only 17 when he first went to Egypt 1891.With his fathers help,he was an artist in Egyptologist so he draws what the special and unbelievable founds.Carter was very good at his job.It was not long before carter was a well known egyptoligist Not just about art also about his knowlege on aceint Egypt.Not long after,howard carter became an egyptoligist.Howard Carter wanted to hunt for king tuts tomb,but that took money and men .Carter was finally lucky.Lord carnarvon was a very rich man and allowed howard carter to hire 50 men to search for king tuts tomb.One day,they found the remains of some stone huts but they were empty.It was really hard for the men they had to fill there baskets with sand they carried the baskets away and dump the contents return and do it again

Lord carnarvon who become Howard


Created with images by José Ignacio Pompé - "Travel to Egypt" • Ali Hegazy - "Karnak Temple" • Fynn schmidt - "Pyramide Desert Egypt" • Jeremy Bishop - "When you arrive and walk up to these structures it is so surreal it takes a moment to believe it is reality. The pyramids are a work of art and sparks something so adventurous in you."