Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH Ray Spaulding

Caves: Nature on Display

I found the cave exhibit exciting because it reminded me of going to the Mariana Caverns. It resembled the caves, while being easy to go in and out of. If this cave was just described on a board, it wouldn't portray all of the elements of a cave thoroughly.

Nature and Ethics

Although this is not the most beautiful thing in nature, it is crazy to think that millions of years ago there were many animals this size roaming the Earth. It is just an amazing thought of how fragile and small our bones are compared to the dinosaurs. The museum allowed me to connect by providing real fossilized remains of a dinosaur that i can stand next to and compare to.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The museum does a great job of connecting us to the exhibits. By using life size mannequins, we are able to feel a great sense of connection, almost like we are there with them. This really brings to life the Native American's traditions and values that are not portrayed as nicely in textbooks.

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