MCOM 2400 Projects Lexy Barnes

I present to you my portfolio of Multimedia Production projects from this year. Over the course of the semester, I've learned how to use a Mac, online websites and adobe applications.

Everyone loves watching a great series or movie on Netflix / Hulu in their free time! The Daily Binge Blog is here to inform you of great TV shows and movies to watch on either Netflix or Hulu. This blog is updated twice a week and discusses various genres from anime to mystery! To access this blog, visit:


The next assignment I tackled was creating a podcast. Before the assignment, I had very little knowledge of podcasts in general. Well-known podcasts inspired my podcast format though. I continued my theme of binge watching with this project as well. With the Audacity application, I developed the first and only segment of The Daily Binge Podcast!


Before Multimedia Production, photography didn't interest me much. After reading a classmate's blog and taking pictures of my own though, I've come to the conclusion that photography isn't too bad.

I created this photo story with Britney Rochette. Through our photo story, we wanted to advertise the various fitness classes available in the CPA. Overall, we wanted to improve attendance of fitness classes with this photo story.


Before this class, I never used Apple products or adobe apps. These products and apps, however, are easy to use. For example, InDesign and Adobe Premiere Pro weren't too hard to navigate.


In honor of the "Made in East Tennessee" film festival held in March, I created this magazine spread with InDesign!


In summary, I've learned so much this semester about the technology used in the Media and Communication field. Even though this is my first time using a Mac Desktop, I didn't struggle as much as I thought I would. I've discovered new websites to help me create a website or blog. I've learned how to use more computer applications that will help me in the future. Overall, I've learned so much in this class. I am excited about the remaining classes I have to take in this major!


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