Los Angeles William McMahon

This city is situated in Southern California and it bas à population of 4030904 people.

The most spoken language is English but some speak Spanish, Latin, Korean.

The temperature in L.A is heavenly, it has a maximum of 28ºC and a minimum of 15°C. This city has a Mediterranean climate.

Interesting things See

  • Sit down and observe the beautiful skyline of Los Angeles with it's giant skyscrapers.
Los Angleles Skyline
  • Go in Hollywood to see the amazing Walk of Fame. It's a long sidewalk with movie or musique star's name writen on stars.
Walk of fame
  • Also in Hollywood, check out the famous Hollwood panel that appears in famous movies.
The Hollywood pannel

Things to do

  • Go shopping in the beautiful and luxury Beverly Hills
A shopping place in Beverly Hills
  • Go to a sports game such as The L.A Kings, The L.A Rams, The Clippers, The Dodgers or the Lakers, e.t.c.
Clippers game in the Staples Center.
Warm up in the Staples Center.
  • Go to one of the 8 beautiful beaches such as the Santa Maria, Venice and Malibu beach. They are some of the world's most beautiful beach beacause of their amazing light blue color.
Malibu beach


Universal Studios

  • Go visit the production and filming studios and attraction park for fun like you never had.

Disneyland Park

  • Go see Mickey Mouse and many other Disney characters at Disneyland Park.
Disneyland castle

Safety Tips

  • Don't go near poor hoods such as Compton.
  • Be in guard of pick-pockets and theives.
  • Children under 18, be supervised by adults.
The Pier at Malibu Beach
Have a nice trip!!!
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