Grade 10 IBT Portfolio By: Vidyansh Sharda

Table of Contents:

1) Introductory Paragraph

2) The Resume

3) Personal Accomplishment

4) Community Service

5) Career Planning

6) Academic

7) Group Work

8) Co-curricular activities

1) Introductory Paragraph:

My name is Vidyansh Sharda, but most people call me Vid. Last year my objective in completing the portfolio was to reflect on my second year of high school. This time, its different. Now I want to evaluate on my improvements from the previous year. I hope to see some improvement on my grades, character, personality and life as I come close to ending off grade 10. The following presentation will guide you through my year and help you get an overall look at what I have accomplished and done as the year progressed. As the year progressed I have improved in many aspects, many of while you will see in this presentation.

2) Resume

This particular resume is made for a summer job I plan to apply for. It is a local tech store at west wood mall, and this resume was made with the help of MyBlueprint

3) Personal Achievements

Placing Top 10 at DECA Provincials in our first year was a huge accomplishment

4) Community Hours

I volunteered at my mom's work place which is a staff examination office. I would help around with marking, stapling and similar activities.

5) Career Planning

One of the careers I aspire to pursue is of a Market Research Analyst. This is one of the careers that became an interest to me due to my marketing cluster in DECA. During the training in DECA, I learned it was a very vast field and also quite interesting. It is said you will succeed in the field you enjoy. I enjoyed learning marketing so much that I received a 98% at DECA provincials. This made me realize if I made this my job, I would succeed in that too.

Courses Required:

Already taken the needed courses as well as SHSM in order to become a superior business/marketing student.


This is a field I have looked forward to accomplishing since I was a child. It was a part of my portfolio last year and it is something i continue to enjoy more and more as I grow older. I have loved and exceeded at science since I was a kid and I continue to do so. This opens me up to a world of scientific careers. This one is very appealing to be not only because of my scientific curiosity but also because of the vastness. The fact that we get caught up in the limited world we know and completely ignore how vast everything really is. We get so worried and stressed by our lives, but oddly its comforting to know how small we and our problems really are in the grand scale of things. As you can see, I am very passionate about this career.

Courses Required:

The 3 sciences as well as a good understanding of math is required for almost any career in the sciences.

6) Academic Work

English is not my strongest suit. This is one of my first marks and i knew immediately how much harder I would have to work in ENG than in other courses. This was very important not cause of how good the mark was, but because how bad it was.
An English essay I worked on for several hours and got edited by a lot of people. The mark is not that impressive but because English is something I do not excel at and usually land under 80's, this was a great deal for me. This was worth a big unit mark and I was pleased with my mark.
A good start to the course with a sub 97%. Only increases my confidence in a business career.

7) Group Work

English (To kill a mockingbird): Of the best presentations I have ever done, received a higher mark than most of the class. A big achievement for me as I have never been too great at English.
As mentioned my interest in science led me to edit and make this with my science group. This was a part of an assignment that was worth 5% of our final mark and we received a 100% on it.

8) Co-curricular activities:

I am a part of DECA as I mentioned earlier. This was my first year in DECA and my category was Marketing Team Decision Making. I did this with a partner and we placed top 10 in out first year at provincials which, as we have been told, is exceptional. We plan to continue this throughout high school and keep working on it.

Other than DECA i also tried out for the Junior Boys soccer team. The first tryout was a brutal 6km race. I finished in 23 mins and made it to the second cut. The second tryout is today and I will try my best to make the team.

Thanks for listening

By: Vidyansh Sharda


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