Ms Frey's Stock Market Extravaganza By: Ben Askew

Initial Research: My initial Stock Market research was;Stock is a general term to show the ownership of any company, while a share is part of a much bigger company, meaning that when someone says they own a stock it means they own a portion have an ownership certificate of the company. There are some words used in the stock market like dividend, ticker symbol and mutual fund. A dividend is a sum of money paid to shareholders normally out of its profits. A ticker symbol is an abbreviation used to identify a stock in a certain stock market. A mutual fund is a type of investment program that is funded by shareholders that trades in diversified holdings and is professionally managed. Lastly there are the pros and cons of investing and putting money into the stock market, the pros are, you can gain money from investing in the stock market when companies stock price rises and the amount of shares you buy increases, but if the stock price of the company you invested in decreases, then you could find yourself having money problems as you could have invested money into an oil company like and there could be an oil field discovered meaning that the stock price could fall therefore losing money on shares.

First Investments: The first stocks I invested in were: Exxonmobil, because; I as they are all over the world producing and selling oil and chemicals. Oil, for now, is expensive and looking at the stocks they seem to be going up a lot more than most companies. I also decided to invest in Proctor & Gamble as beauty and hygiene products dominate the market shelves. Proctor and Gamble Make a lot of money and to invest would be a win for me. I also decided to invest in Alphabet Inc. as they have made a lot of money and there shares are huge compared to Proctor & Gamble and Exxonmobil and over recent years have only been going up.

My reflection halfway through Step 3: The stock market is a weird and wonderful thing. It makes you scratch your head and jump with joy. Over the past few weeks the stock market has been making me scratch your head. The past few weeks i have dropped from 1/2/3 to 29/30/31 all because of one simple mistake. Im sure you know about the Samsung situation and how Samsung plummeted as they withdrew their edge 7 phone from the market, making all stocks plummet. This was the cause of my downfall upon knowing this I immediately sold Samsung. PUMA however, have sort of dug me out of a ditch and savoured what little reputation I had left. I believe PUMA have helped me as they released multiple new shoes and clothing including the new Rihanna shoe.I attempted to buy Amazon and other big companies but they weren’t as reliable and strong as PUMA. For my current portfolio I currently have no idea what to do. However I will somehow try to make it back on top!


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