The Journey Of Becky And Beck By : kenya romer quintero

Our journey began in the ocean. It was nice and I called it home. Me and my family were having a family reunion and all the family was coming, some were coming from the clouds and from the mountains . "Mom." I yelled. "What, honey?" Mom said back. "Are the twins coming ?"

"Yes, why sweetie?" Smiled mom. "Just want to know ." I sighed. "What's wrong."said mom. "They just hate me mom and Beck we are the oldest twins and there the youngest. " "WHATS HAPPENING!" I yelled as I was floating. "MOM!" Yelled Beck." No stay back your sister is evaporating ." "Cool AHHHHHHHH WHATS HAPPENING." "I told you to STAY BACK but you did not and now you have to stay with her until th cycle is over , be careful love you bye !!!"

"Why do I have to stuck with you I would rather be with the twins!!!!" Yelled Beck ." How dare you." I said. "AH in a flash I was in a cloud there was a lot of condensation and then faster then a cheetah SPLASH I was on the ground NOO. ""I yelled. We are going to be here for awhile we have to some how call mom." I holler. "No." Yelled Beck . "I have finally have some time to my self and you will respect that ! ""No you will listen to me I am you older sister." "Ya by 15 seconds." "Oh great now we are in groundwater." I screamed.

"Ahhh I'm tired." Yawned Beck . "Well I told you the groundwater will make you sleepy." I screamed at Beck. "And my hair is getting really messy I HATE THAT!!!!" Um Becky why are we moving are we going in to the river next door ahhhh........."

"We are here the river will lead to the ocean we can go home ." I said with excitement. "We might make it in time for the reunion." I said . "No I don't want to go I like it here it's better than being at the reunion so I'm staying here." Hollers Beck. "No I promised mom at we would come home as soon as possible and we will , the river is moving WE WILL BE HOME SOON YAY!!!!" I screamed. "Ah nuts ." Said beck.

"HONEY YOU MADE IT HOME AND THE REUNION IS ABOUT TO START!!!!!!"Holler mom . "Mom ." I yelled . "Mom."Beck yelled. "I missed you guys so much."Heyyy ." Yelled aunt Jenny." HII ."Yelled the twins . "Hey they are all here" I laughed .

And they lived happily ever after


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