Typographic Project Zoey Cocks

Searching For typefaces in everyday life

These two collages are an example of how we can find everyday typefaces in real life. The one on the left are the many typefaces I found at school and the one on the right is from outside of school. I found it espeially hard to find letter Q's in everyday life because I feel like there arent many objects that take the shape of a Q without looking like the letter O. However, I found many letter H's.

Destroying Helvetica

This distortion of Helvetica was made on paper. I cut out the inside of each letter and make it look 3D.

This distortion was made on the scanner, I put the word helvetica in the scanner and I just simply move the word around in different directions as it was moving

This was also made on the scanner

These are a few other examples of distortions made on paper and the scanner. I really liek the distortions from the scanner because it really distorts the letters to a point where we can almost not read the word which I find pretty cool, it also changes the word in such a cool way.

Distortion and text effect of helvetica

I really like this distortion because the word has two layers to it and it has a cool effect when you look at it.

distortion made by illustrater. this distortion was to make the word really grainy.

This one is by far my favourite one because it makes the word look like ink droplets in water

This one is also made on illustrator. This one is very mathematical for me becuase It looks so geometric how al the shapes fit together. I didnt really like this design because It reminded me of a bee hive.

After realising I liked the ink droplet and grainy design I thought I could put these two designs together however I dont really like the final product as it looks very messy.

Brainstorming Ideas For Helvetica Poster

These are some examples of my brainstorming. In these thumbnails you can see I really went into detail so I could capture how exactly I would like my poster to look like. My favourite one was the one based off mirros and reflecting.

Process Of Making My Final Portrait


This was my very first portrait. As you can see, I didn't use the shapes of the letters to frame my face, instead I just clumped them together and aligned my face with them. Also, instead of using the small letters to make my nose, I used one large letters to create my nose, this didn't really capture my nose perfectly. After finishing this portrait I realised I needed to make another one and use the shapes properly.


This was my second attempt on making a good portrait. I fixed my nose and hair in this one by really finding shapes in the letters that matched along with my face. As you can see in my hair I used open brackets to capture the movement of my hair. I still didnt find out how to use the letters to make the shape of my hair.


This was my third attempt. As you can see this one looks a lot clearer than the first one. I tried to make my eyebrows different by using the letters in a smaller way, at first I wasn't sure if I liked the look of clumped letters.


In this portrait I think I realised how to use the shapes to frame my face. However, the font I chose didn't work that well because some parts were really bold and other parts are quite thin, this made a contrast in the portrait which I didnt like.

Final Choice

This was my final choice, I really like this portrait because the shapes frame my face rather than creating a line of letters. Also, the font I chose for this portrait wasn't too contrasting as the other one.

Inking The Portraits

In the photo above we were inking the portraits. The first thing we did was laser cut our portraits and then we used the get black ink and inked the portraits! I made my inking quite dark because I liked the look of a crisp ink sheet. Also, I learnt after many trials to use circular motions over the sheet of paper and rub all of the parts so it all got inked properly.

Color Board

In the color board i tried to choose two very contrasting colors. For example, I really liked the look of t he light neon colors on top of the black backdrop because I felt like it really made the clolors pop.
These are the color boards for my final portrait. I really like the idea of making the color on my face multiple colors so it could really stand out when it was against the black background.

Text Effect

This is my holographic text effect. The last photo is my finished text effect, i liked it with the colors because as I said above I like the neon colors on top of the dark backdrop as it really makes it stand out.

Text Effect 2

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