Fall State Cup & Presidents Cup Finals Sunday, September 23,2018

U19G Finalists: FC Boulder 00’G Elite
U19G Champions: Broomfield Blast SC 00’G Prestige
U19G MVPs: Katherine Dunbabin (Broomfield Blast SC) and Adriane Mason (FC Boulder)
U18G Finalists: Broomfield Blast SC 01’G Prestige
U18G Champions: Pride SC Predators 01’G
U18G MVPs: Greer Garcher (Pride SC) and Shaylee Gailus (Broomfield Blast SC)
U17G Finalists: Real Colorado Olympico 02’G
U17G Champions: Pride SC Predators 02’G
U17G MVPs: Anne Louthan (Pride SC) and Erin Keen (Real Colorado)
U16G Finalists: Arsenal Colorado Academy 03’G
U16G Champions: Pride SC Predators 03’G
U16G MVPs: Taylor Brook (Arsenal Colorado) and Kaelin Enga (Pride SC)
U15G Finalists: Pride SC Predators 04’G
U15G Champions: Westminster Soccer 04’G Orange
U15G MVPs: Daryn Delescinskis (Westminster Soccer) and Avery Sides (Pride SC)
U14G Finalists: Broomfield Blast SC 05’G Prestige
U14G Champions: Colorado Rapids FC 05’G Select Deacon
U14G MVPs: Fiona Jenkins (Colorado Rapids FC) and Shay Kercher-Pratt (Broomfield Blast SC)
U13G Finalists: Colorado Rush 06’
U13G Champions: Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer South 06’G Volt
U13G MVPs: Kiana Sparrow (Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer) and Lucy Krumwiede (Colorado Rush)
U13B Finalists: St. Vrain FC 06’B Green
U13B Champions: Broomfield Blast SC 06’B Prestige
U13B MVPs: Ryan Shapiro (Broomfield Blast) and Fabrizio Giovenzana (St.Vrain FC)
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Colorado Soccer Association


Javis Arellano/Digital Media

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