I am Determined Clayton blades

My name is Clayton. Sometimes I am too shy to tell you that, or sometimes I would rather have you call me Blades. Sometimes I would rather have you not know me personally, and sometimes I would rather you not know me at all. Throughout high school, I have had many experiences inside and outside of the classroom that have crafted who I am as a person, and most of the time I don’t really know who the person crafted really is. Our experiences and how we handle them determine who we are as people.

Senior year has taught me a lot about life, through all of the ups and downs. As it winds down for my last week of high school, I sit down and wonder the questions that everyone does when they graduate, “What regrets do I have? What would I have made better? What would I have not done at all?” Me, being the stupid teenager that we all have once been, has many answers to that. I shouldn’t have let a high school relationship affect college plans, shouldn’t have let it affect my schooling, and shouldn’t have let it affect my health. I have a lot of things that I shouldn’t have done, but I should have not let things to get to me as much as they did emotionally. My parents have always told me that during your Senior year, you will have the best time of your life, but I have always wondered, “How is that even possible?”

I never really applied myself to my classes as well as I could have, and during my Senior year, I really began to notice that. I never felt that any of the math mechanics or the science labs would play a role into my life in the future, but of course I was wrong. None of the classes that I have taken throughout high school have applied to me in the ways I thought they were aimed to be for, but they have applied to me. The big aspects of life and working, such as teamwork, cooperation, self discipline, and problem solving have been at the core when talking about fundamentals of the classroom. In Senior Comp, I have learned that the reason we write essays is to complete an idea that we have in our head, or persuade others to support it. We have to maintain self-discipline to get the homework done, and problem solve when we are stuck on how to get the paragraph finished. This class has finally opened my eyes to becoming better at language arts, and made me want to improve on my literary skills. This semester, I have taken three english classes, including Contemporary, Composition, and Creative Writing. Signing up for all of these classes, I never thought that it would be a good idea, but now that the semester is winding down, I have taken away so much more from these classes than any of the 3 years prior.

The traits that NHS has tried to embed our bodies with, cooperation, self-discipline, and problem solving, have a huge role after high school. Whichever route a student chooses to take, college, the military, or to join the workforce, these traits apply to every single aspect of the three options above. You have to have the self-discipline to finish your homework, to push yourself to your limits, or to get to work on time. You have to cooperate with group projects, with your fellow soldiers, or with coworkers to get that business presentation done. You have to problem solve to finish that college essay, problem solve on how to make it through bootcamp, or problem solve on why your sales have dropped for this year. Every trait applies to anything you do in some way.

How do these traits apply to me? The self-discipline that I have had has been minimal, but I have been decent when it comes to cooperation and problem solving. My situation right now consists of where I want to go to school, but that is affected by my GPA. I regret my GPA being low over high school, due to lack of self discipline, but I can always problem solve to figure out what is the best route for me to go. No matter which way I go, I can still always work on improving these traits. They will help me get through the toughest times, and also help me prosper. I have learned that there is no point to hang onto the past, because it will not benefit or positively affect your future. Even though it might have been bad then, there is always a takeaway. No matter what has happened, I will always be able to use what was taught to me in order to make it through life. I am Clayton Blades, and I am determined.

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