Parent Group Guide to Mother's Day

Welcome to our annual Mother’s day blog post! Most articles focus on ideas for dads to pamper moms and help their kids show appreciation to the lady who cooks, cleans, wipes noses, kisses foreheads and cheers the loudest at sports games. But, this year we are focusing on parent groups and how they can create memorable events & activities to celebrate mothers at their schools.

We tried to make most of these ideas cost-effective, while still pulling off a great event or activity. But, remember, that even if some ideas take a bit of cash to make happen, each one of them does the job of celebrating moms and proving why the PTO/PTA is such a vital part of any school.

Like most of what we do at Get Movin', these ideas are experiential as opposed to something you can buy, wrap, give and forget a week later. Each of these 5 ways to celebrate moms integrates student involvement and seeks to create memories that can be cherished year after year.

So, check out these 5 ways to make moms feel celebrated and appreciated at your school and let us know which idea is your favorite!

5 Ways to Make Moms Feel Celebrated & Appreciated

1. Mother's Day Celebration Event

Honor and celebrate moms by throwing a party! This is a great way to get students involved and put to good use some of the funds raised from your spring fundraiser.

  • Pick a theme: Choose a theme for your celebration and get food and decorations that fit accordingly. Examples can include a beach vacation theme with fake palm trees and kabobs to eat, a tea party theme with different flavors of iced tea and mini-cupcakes, or even a get-fit theme with activities for moms and kids to do together and healthy snacks to munch on afterward.
  • Decorations made by students: If you get planning early enough, you may be able to get students involved by having them create the decorations for the party. These can be decorated flags, banners, or portraits of their moms to hang up.
  • Arts and crafts stations: Another way to create some great memories for moms and their kids is to have different arts and crafts stations at the event, with activities such as painting on a single canvas, writing and illustrating a story together, or using fun foods like macaroni and beans to create anything-goes art projects.
  • Send out invitations (email more efficient and cost-effective): Make moms feel special by sending out invitations to the party a few weeks ahead of time. These can be mailed cards or emailed invites (the more cost-effective option, plus you are better able to track how many will attend with a tool like e-vite).

2. Kid's Gift Shop

Let the kids get the gift this year by putting on a gift shop that is open to students and their dads. You can even get items donated by local businesses/organizations to off-set the costs.

  • Make each item cost less than five dollars: Treat the gift shop like a garage sale, each item should be below $5 and negotiable. If a kid has only a few dollars and really wants to get their mom that $5 candle, then go ahead and let them have it. No one wants to be the grinch who stole mom's day! Make sure your volunteers know the negotiable rule and make sure each kid who comes to the gift shop is able to leave with a present for mom.
  • Invite dads to participate: Dads can always use a little help on Mother's Day, so invite them to participate in the gift shop. This is a great way to kids and dads to come together to get something nice for mom.
  • Card-making station: Most stores have a wrapping station, but since this is a kids gift shop why not offer a card-making station? Set up a few tables with construction paper, art supplies, and some nicely done examples in case kids need a little inspiration. You could also supply some common sayings/messages for kids to write in their cards to mom.
  • Baked goods (mix-n-match cupcakes): Why not bring in some extra funds at the end of the year with a mix-n-match cupcake station? For each empty box charge $10 then let kids/dads fill up the box (it will be smart to put a limit of 4-6) with different cupcakes that are baked or bought by the PTO.

3. Host a Mini Mother's Day Retreat

On Mother's Day, what's better than getting away? Offer moms a place to relax and unwind during the day with a mini retreat. This is also a great idea for your volunteers who are moms as a way of saying "thank you" for all they have done to support the parent group during the school year.

  • Offer childcare on site for the little kids: For moms who have little ones at home, make sure your retreat has a few volunteers who are willing to keep the kiddos busy while mom takes a couple hours to relax. Make sure your childcare is located within the same building as your mini-retreat so you may easily return a child to his/her mother if needed.
  • Host it at the school if possible: In order to reduce costs and provide convenience for your moms, try to host the mini-retreat at the school.
  • Offer snacks and coffee/tea: Provide moms with some yummy home-made snacks and plenty of coffee and tea to keep them refreshed and refueled.
  • Create different areas/stations: Organize the room into little sections of seating and areas to just watch tv, get her nails done, receive a chair massage by a professional, etc.

4. Classroom Crafts & Gifts

Help students create the perfect gift for mom by guiding classrooms through a fun craft that won't take much time, s unique for each student, and gets teachers involved in the celebration. If you aren't able to use class time, then consider sending home directons for different crafts that kids can do at home with their siblings and/or dad.

Craft ideas include:

  • Coloring books (kids draw b&w pictures that they can color in with mom)
  • Homemade cards, calendars, bookmarks, & frames
  • Write a short story with pictures
  • Create a personal letter or poem
  • Painted mason jars with fake flowers

5. Mother's Day Garden Sale & Brunch

Flowers & brunch are staples when it comes to Mother's Day. So why not put the two together and host a garden sale with a complimentary brunch!

  • Plants for sale: See if you can get potted plants donated from a local garden & plant store, then sell them for a small profit that can be used to supplement the cost of brunch! Or, you can offer a free plant for each mom that attends, then other plants can be for sale.
  • Kids decorate the pots: Create a Pot Painting Station for kids to decorate the pots for their moms before putting in the flowers!
  • What to serve for brunch?... We suggest sparkling water and orange juice, bacon, pancakes or muffins, and fruit salad
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