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Self Growth

Change is avoided, many people don't like change but change is the driving force of evolution and the human mind. We all experience change or growth, my growth this past semester has been exponential. From having no clue of what to do with my life to having a clear set path towards greatness. Without my interactions with this school and with others from this school/around this area I would have none of this. I have matured, I have realized those I should surround my self with, as well as those I should stay away from, and I have found my purpose and my path.

Noblesville schools has a wide variety of classes to take, I realized some I could take just for blow off classes or I could take classes that set me up for my future. I remember thinking how cool it would be to have an internship, at the time I had no clue where I should try to Intern at. I wasn't too worried but I had this drive that pushed me to find the best opportunity I could. Like a fire inside of me burning to ignite the hot air balloon that can only go one direction, up. This fire has pushed me to become the best musician I can possibly be, and I keep moving upwards. That's how I realized I needed to solely concentrate on my music. Searching for Internships at studios I remember contacting around 10 studios, all said that they had no need for interns. But there was one that said they'd take me. That day was better than Christmas, I was so excited to start interning at a studio as a high schooler. Over the course of the semester I got to know Chris, the owner, very well and he offered me a job because he thought I was talented. Going from a small home studio, just messing around, to a professional studio job I had officially taken the next step towards my ultimate goal. Another one of Noblesville's courses is a music production class, attending this class has helped me see the effects of working at this studio, I was miles ahead of all the other students in this class. I remember thinking one day, I may be ahead of kids in this class but there are so many other kids out there that could blow my skills away, and that I should never think too highly of my self because there can always be someone who is better. Also that I will never know it all, that I should always keep my eyes open to finding more information, and to finding different/ better ways to obtain what I want to obtain.

Not all of my growth was in music I have grown very much mentally. There was a point in the semester when I realized how lazy I was, and that If I wanted to get anywhere I'd have to get off my behind and start working. That the breaks you take only put you farther away from where you want to be. These thoughts sparked actions that have kept me working ever since. I fell asleep around 1 or 2 every night, there was just so much that I wanted to get done, and there still is. Part of that was realizing that I need to grow up. When I turned 18 that hit me the hardest, the fact that I'm now legally an adult and that very soon, within the blink of an eye, I will be on my own and need to find a very sufficient way of supporting myself. The way I see it in this world there are 2 choices, work, or pleasure. I went through the process of finding that work is the most important because yes pleasure helps me keep my sanity but putting in work can give you great amounts of pleasure, and it can also set up your future so you don't have to work as much and you can focus more on your pleasures. Part of my mental growth was optimism. I used to think that dreams, where only dreams, that they would stay that way and I think that's what's holding back a lot of my peers. But I slowly understood that's how any great person became great. It wasn't pre decided that they would be great people, they decided that. They had the optimism to keep moving even when things got bad. That's why they are where they are today. But one side of my mental growth that I think is most important was becoming more sympathetic, for those who are less fortunate. I have grown this feeling that if this world is all we get, and we only do get one life and that's it, that there are so many people in terrible situations. I think it's our duty being more fortunate to either help people like that out or to develop something that improves the quality of life. Ive made the oath to never profit or gain off the extent of other people's health, life or feelings. I feel it's inhumane and that humans as a whole can either come together and strive. Or stay divided and destroy ourselves piece by piece.

The people who have surrounded me have had a great impact on my personal growth. Some of my friends at the time where not helping towards this, while others have been a significant part of my growth. I realized who to stick around with and who to ditch. The friends I still hang around with today have encouraged me greatly to reach towards my goals and be who I want to be. They have helped me with getting my music out and finding new people to work with. Others I realized where simply using me for petty things and I just could not vibe with them. It wasn't fun being with them and they mocked the actions I made and the music I created. This helped me realize that I don't need to be around these kind of people and gave me a much greater appreciation for real friend, not only that but it taught me how to be a better friend. Some of the adults I am commonly around have also been important. Chris and Mitch, both working at the studio, have pushed me to my boundaries and put me in some sink or swim situations that have improved the way I think and make music. They have opened my mind to the importance of time and how easily it can be waisted. Also Mr. Jasper the music production teacher here at Noblesville has helped grow the creativity in me as a musician. He has taught me that there are guidelines, but no real rules to the creation of music and that anything can be done. Without people like this I would not have been shaped into the person I am today.

Overall this semester has been great for me. I'm reaching new limits I never thought I could, and unlocking new goals to chase after that I was unaware of even wanting to do. But out of all the things I found, I also found that while the person I may become is greatly influenced by my decisions and my desires, it also conflicts with others actions towards me and what others do. Like how a pinball machine bounces the ball in many different directions through its actions I have my path But I am constantly Interacting with others and things are changing on the daily through what others think, through their words, and their actions. That we all impact each other, as one flowing body to reflect on.

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