Jared Enviormental Making Energy safe since 2017

One energy source we use is solar energy, we have many plants that are dedicated to solar energy

We also use wind energy. We use it less because it takes up more room than solar energy.

Hydroelectric power is also a very good source of energy. It is limited, however, because of the amount of dams in the world.

We our attempting to add some nuclear power to our sources of energy as it is very efficient and much more clean than coal.

We have also cleaned forests

We have cleaned rivers

We have cleaned beaches

We also encourage recycling

We provide scrubbers for power plants aswell

We also plant many more trees than we cut to provide a better environment than we originally came to

To reduce CO2 admissions we use many methods in order to protect the ice caps and atmosphere so many generations of humans can enjoy the earth

You can contact me at 810-dont-callmepls


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