RED PANDAS By:colin weber

Red pandas have a red face with white strips and they have a red back and they have black paws. and red toes they are like a rataccoon but they live up to ten years or 11.they can hunt snow leperds and eat some of it or they eat leaves. they do not have camouflaged they are easily seen

By other animals.they have a black tail with red strips they can be born with. White on their face

They can have a black face with red on it.

Red pandas eat bamboo most of the food that red pandas are leafs red pandas like to eat meat from a snow leopard they are like a pandas but red and they eat different food They will sometimes eat weds and they drink water they like to eat berries and they eat red grapes and they eat green grapes and purple grapes that is all of the thing they like to eat
This is about how do you sleep and where they sleep Red pandas sleep in a tree they like sleep in a grass pile to blend in with the grass so they aren't Hurt when they are sleeping red pandas like to sleep in a log so they aren't Sean So they sleep in a Bird nest
Did you know that you can have a red panda as a pet? If you want a red panda as a pet they are easy to take care of. All you need are bamboo, a mattress, a cage, and a place to play. Overall red pandas are interesting and they like people.
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