Can you forgive SPencer cable

Fambul Tok is a group gathering around a bonfire to talk and accept each others forgiveness. Fambul Tok is rooted in Africa and has the meaning of family talk. The Idea behind fambul tok is to help the people affected by the war. And help with the understanding and reconciliation. These gatherings are not just one time events, the organization continues to working with the community's to make sure the program is working and no one veers away from the message.

Gary Ridgeway is know as the green river killer. He started his killing in 1982 and was caught in 2001. He has been charged with 49 counts of murders. And has confessed to multiple more. While in court the familes from the persons he had murdered had stood before him. When it was Robert rules turn he did something unexpected. Robert stood before Mr. Ridgeway and said he forgave him. In his exact words he said, "Mr. Ridgway . . . there are people here that hate you. I’m not one of them. You’ve made it difficult to live up to what I believe, and that is what God says to do, and that’s to forgive. You are forgiven, sir.". This unusual act of forgiveness brought tears to Rideways eyes and makes an interesting case for forgiveness.

Patricia Machin lost he husband due to a vicious car crash. Her husband had went out to go and to go and get the morning paper. When he hadnt returned in a while she went out to look for him, and to her horrer she found he had been on the reciving end of a bitter car crash that ended his life. Patricia sent no anger or hatred to the the driver, Brian Williamson. She even sent him a letter sending her "sincerity of her forgivness". And in the letter she also states that, "However bad it was for me, I realize it was 1,000 times worse for you."

In 2006 there was a shooting in a Amish school house done by Charles C. Roberts. Roberts killed 3 girls and himself in the shooting. Roberts reasoning behind the shootings was to seek revenge for the death of his new born daughter, she had died nine mouths prior. Through all the chaos and tragedy the Amish community showed tremendous acts of forgiveness. The family members of the victims attended Roberts funeral and even offered financial support to Roberts widow.

Steven McDonald a newly crowned officer in 1986 was out patrolling central park New York. He and his supervisor stoped to question three teenagers of stealing a bike. But one of the the teenagers, Shavod Jones 15, pulled a gun on McDonald and shot him 3 times. The shootings left McDonald paralyzed and doctors recommended to his wife she put him a home. But she stayed with even after only being married only a year. McDonald was willing to Forgive Jones and they were going to have a get together but sadly Jones was shot and killed 3 days after being released from jail. But McDonald didn't stop there with his forgiveness there, he would continue to speak out about his story and promote forgiveness.

Marion Salmon Hedges a sever brain injury from a shopping cart. What had happened was that two teenage boys had dropped the cart from a 4 story parking garage in a New York mall. When impacted by the shopping cart she was put into a coma and left bind in her left eye. Hedges despite talking to law officals didnt blame the kids and held no grude twords them. And she had said, "I haven't heard from them, but I wish them well. I do, Because I feel very sorry for them."


with these Extraordinary examples maybe it is humans nature to have a forgive first mentality. Also the people that were affected felt even worse for the doers. They hold the mentality that people are imperfect and you have to be ready to forgive no matter the circumstance.


Created with images by Congressman George Miller - "Universal Forgiveness, Nishant Malhotra"

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