"To Travel is to take a journey into yourself." My First sOlo tRip

All these years, I used to tell my friends that I wanted to go for a solo trip all alone without anyone around me. No step and nothing was done from my side, rather than talking about it and it was kept in one Corner of my heart.

"Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful " - J.J. Marine

I am not sure what happened suddenly and still can't remember the day, I started to plan for my first solo trip. During the usual tea break at office, I told my friend that, I wanted to go on a Solo Trip. He said "You cannot afford for this trip, so just save money and do it next year" but in my mind I was thinking about it all the time and obviously my face told everyone around me that I am thinking about something.

Seeing all these, my friend asked me to take my first trip to Japan. I was like ok, researched a lot about it and even selected the awesome season ( autumn) to visit. I actually asked one of my school friend who actually visited Japan before and he too was fine and said that it's an awesome place for a solo trip. But something in my mind kept on telling "no Japan"

Live in the sunshine, Swim in the sea, Drink in the wild air

Finally I decided to travel to London, the place I wanted to travel on my first solo trip.

As the day came closer and closer, I felt so bad and somewhat frightened for not telling anyone and going. Even then I traveled alone to LondonΒ to have my first solo trip and to celebrate Christmas & New Year.

London ---- Dover ---- Canterbury ( That was my travel plan)

All these places are so beautiful for a solo trip.

Long walk to see the White Cliffs of Dover, marine drive walk along the English Channel & more.

Because of my health, I can able to see only the Canterbury Cathedral but it's worth seeing it. One narrow stretch of road tells a lot about the small town, different kinds of people, culture, food and lots more.

Survived three days without a SIM card in and around LondonΒ only with the help of the wifi.

London, I really like you. Even though people said that you are too costly and busy etc etc.... I liked you. You gave me the hostel stay experience for the first time in my life., you gave me lots of friends, saw people from different countries, talked a lot about my country ( India) and places, shared ideas, hostel cooking, ferry from Greenwich till Westminster. People from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan are so nice. My uber cab driver who was from Pakistan helped me to travel back to Heathrow and black cab guy, who talked about London and suggested a few places to visit. My perspective about black people changed after talking to him. They are so helpful and nice.

Celebrated New Year with a group of friends from hostel. Watched theΒ London Fireworks from Primrose Hill. Thought of taking video of the fireworks but later decided to see it through my eyes, rather then seeing it later through the lens.

Fav pics from my travel

Never miss the colourful ads inside the tube/ tube stations and the graffiti along the London streets. Each and everything tells us a story, observe and think.

Graffiti and Ads
Clicks from Museums in London

My friend (from office), I know that you are angry with me but I am so sorry for not getting you wine and the Xbox.

Brother, you helped me a lot to understand the city from the very first day.

Oh my friend, how can I leave without mentioning about you in my very first blog. You helped me a lot in many ways for this to happen. Thanks for all your help!

Another Panda like me, you are always the best( AWESOME always)


That's how my crazy first solo trip happened 😘


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